Watch and Delve Into the Fierce World of Vikings

When In Manila, be sure to get in touch with your inner history geek!

I was one lucky lady to get an invite for the exclusive screening of Vikings at the Dillagers 1903.


History Channel transported us back to the 8th century as we got a closer glimpse to the lives of one of the notorious people who have ever lived in the planet- the Vikings. 

Vikings is the latest historical drama to come from the channel. The series will take you to the beautiful lands of Scandinavia where the place’s beauty contrasts to that of the brute and savagery of its inhabitants.

Probably, most of you are familiar with the movie Thor (played by Chris Hemsworth) and so, you might have a little background on the Vikings. On the contrary, you might also be clueless about the connection between Thor and the tribe.

Being a history lover and a fan of historical dramas, I was excited to watch the series. I remember reading history books and mythologies, that is why I ‘m quite familiar with the Vikings , the main subject of the said series.

Actually, I was surprised when I heard that there was tv series made about them. Honestly, I had no expectations since I always think that television adaptation tend to ruin things. But to my surprise, the series did exceed my expectations.

But, before I tell you more about the series, I would like to enlighten those who are not familiar with the tribe through this little history lesson.

Here’s a partial introduction to our star tribe. 

Long before the likes of Queen Elizabeth took over the helm of the British sovereignty, various tribes fought for the control the kingdom. Among them are the powerful Vikings. 

But the British Isles is not the only country which the Vikings conquered. 

Vikings Ep 4 (4)

Vikings were peasants, farmers and fisher folks from Scandinavian countries Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Due to the cold climate, little crops were grown so there was always shortage of food.  The Vikings depended on fishing, the reason of their skill in shipbuilding. Harsh conditions are said to be the primary reason for their invasion throughout Europe.

Armed with their spears and axes, these fur-clad warriors raided different parts or Europe gaining power and treasures in each conquest.