WATCH: Americans Were Asked What they Think of These Filipino Heartthrobs

YouTube channel Fomo Daily posted a video that show an interview of three pairs of Americans about what they think of Filipino heartthrobs Enrique Gil, Daniel Padilla, James Reid, Xian Lim, and Coco Martin.

In the Philippines, these five Kapamilya heartthrobs have already captured a lot hearts. Find out if they were also able to do the same with these six Americans.

On the interview, the Americans were shown the Instagram accounts of the Pinoy actors. Aside from asking what they thought of the heartthrobs, they were asked if they will Like, DM (Direct Message), or Unfollow the actors.

Watch the video below to see their reactions.

How about you? Who among the actors will you Like, DM, or Unfollow on Instagram?

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