WATCH: Alain Robert, the ‘French Spider-Man’, climbs a Makati skyscraper

Videos circulating on Facebook shows Alain Robert climbing GT Tower in Makati. Robert is a French rock and urban climber who has gained fame from scaling skyscrapers all over the world — then subsequently getting arrested for it. On the morning of January 29, he seems to have scaled the high-rise tower in Makati sans any safety gear.

One video shows a distant perspective of the daredevil climbing down the building. He is clothed in dark long sleeves and yellow pants, while different camera equipment is strapped onto him.

The second video is a closer look which actually captures him passing over a window as a meeting is ongoing.


The GT tower is the 7th tallest building in Makati and the 9th in the country standing at 217.20 meters, according to Emporis. Makati Police Chief Rogelio Simon announced to Inquirer that Robert would be apprehended and arrested for causing nuance and threatening the safety of bystanders.

This is crazy! Would you be brave enough to do something like this?