WATCH: A Traveler’s Firsthand Isla De Gigantes Adventure

Isla De Gigantes is starting to attract more travelers, foreigners and locals alike. It’s actually no wonder that it’s part of some of the most beautiful beaches in the Philippines because, overall, the island is truly breathtaking.

This video by Shaira Alyssa Olaya showcased the beauty of Isla De Gigantes as a place. Now, let this video by Tim Bucalon take you on another Isla De Gigantes virtual adventure, this time focusing more on the travelers.

I like how Tim also showed the road trip, the campsites, and the beach activities.

Huhu, inggit! Everyone looked like they were having tons of fun!

I loved how this video also highlighted the people’s smiles and the activities they got to enjoy while marveling at the beauty of Isla De Gigantes. If you’re planning your future trips now, make sure to include this lovely place on your travel bucket list! It deserves to be.

Have you been to Isla De Gigantes? How was your experience?