WATCH: A Raging Inferno is Tearing Through Lives and Property

No, this is real and not a movie scene. Wildfires are currently tearing through southern California. Multiple blazes have erupted all over the region, forcing over 200,000 to flee their homes. Over 300 homes and buildings are in smoking ruins, schools and roads are closed, and cities are smothered in smoke.

A raging wildfire greets these motorists in southern California.

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A combination of strong desert winds, unusually warm weather in the past months, sparse rainfall, and dry vegetation have created a condition that is ripe for wildfires. Climate change may have also played a role, scientists are speculating. Human actions, which spark fires, aggravate the situation.

As I write, stories of tragedy as well as of courage are flooding the internet. People and animals have died. People have seen entire communities burned to the ground. This is all so tragic. I fear for the consequences that go beyond the devastation to a region. Wildfires release tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. With global warming that is causing extreme weather conditions, this is not good news.

It’s not clear when firefighters expect to contain the fires. Let’s pray the fires will be out soon and communities can begin rebuilding. Let us also pray that no more lives at least will be lost.

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