WATCH: 10 Touching Father’s Day Ads That Will Hit All The Feelings!

Father’s Day is just around the corner, therefore, we are compiling a list of touching videos that depict a Father’s love to us.  So, to honor our dads, pops, fammies, and maddies, out there, here are a few of the touching videos dedicated only for YOU.

1. Rocksmith by Ubisoft

They said dads are cooler than moms. They are more lenient and would support your endeavors especially if it interests him too. Such is the advertising commercial of Ubisoft. The dad, instead of teaching him nursery rhymes, exposed his son to rock music! Start them young, right?

The video has 6,780,685 views as of this writing.

2. McDonald’s France – Equality campaign

Our society has a multitude of social issues. Gender equality and discrimination are just a few of them. However, security starts at home. It genuinely grows when you are loved by the people around you. In creating a powerful campaign, McDonald’s is no stranger. This video is perfect for our dads who also show unconditional love. In this video, the dad fully accepted his gay son in the most touching way.


The commercial’s concept is “come as you are” has garnered 5,502,910 views.

3. Oreo – life is sweet when shared!

You have to watch this. Such a simple video yet hit me right in the feels.

4. Talk about time

Dads are men of few words. They are the epitome of “actions speak louder than words.”

6. Moments with Dad

Another proof that dads aren’t materialistic. Similar to moms, they just want to bond with their children.


7. Dove’s campaign about care.

Another brand that is no stranger in executing fascinating commercials. In the video, you’d see a compilation of trending dad stories online. And for Dove, dads are heroes too.

8. Max’s Restaurant

Such a brilliant video directed no other than the award-winning director himself, Brilliante Mendoza. In the video, the dad portrayed by one of the veteran actors in the Philippines Julio Diaz was saving up money to spend on his daughter’s 18th birthday.

9. Globe Telecom’s #LetDadKnow

Globe’s video is touching, too. It shows how important it is to inform our loved ones of our whereabouts. And normally, it is the dad who is always to the rescue. So, now that we are living in the digital world, don’t just hit “K” add “I love you and I miss you” messages too. 🙂

10. Sacrificial Dad

The last video isn’t a brand commercial. But, I bookmarked this because it explains how dads are naturally giving. The video is about a bridge master, who had to choose between the train passengers or his son. What’s touching about this story is the horrifying event saved hundreds of lives, including a woman taking drugs.

Why did I compile these videos? Well, my subconscious mind might be saying, “this is how I hope my dad would think about me.” Or “I hope he sacrificed for me too.” I may be overreacting but at least these videos inspired me. And I hope it inspired you too.

Do you have touching Father’s Day videos to share? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.