14 Father’s Day Gift Suggestions for the Jetsetter, Sporty, and Dapper Dad

There’s a man who appears to be the coolest dude that ever walked the earth; his unique ways makes him look like the most handsome guy in Hollywood and the most macho actor in movies. Father’s Day is coming up. Have you thought of any gifts for these noble and hardworking men?

The coolest man only deserves the coolest gifts, and we’ve come up with these cool gift ideas for these three types of urban dads.


The Urban Jetsetter

Most of the time, they roam the concrete jungle by public transport. Traffic jams is what they have forbreakfast; bumps and jumps from the railway systems are just morning exercise. They know the tricks to survive the dog-eat- dog city streets and alleys, but after all these adventures; they return home and save some strength to do their most important role; to be a father for their children.

Cool Gift Ideas:

Espro Coffee / Tea Travel Press

The first cup of coffee or tea sets the tone for your entire day. Now, you can give your dads the best coffee and tea every time and when they’re on-the- go.

RFIDsafe V150 RFID blocking Compact Organizer

Keep their important things secured by giving them this RFID V150 RFID-blocking Compact Organizer as they race against time while facing the challenges of the streets and public transport.

Metrosafe LS450 25L Backpack

This is a durable and rugged backpack for jetsetters with soft quilted back panels that provide an extra layer of protection for their iPads, tablets, and laptops.

Elecom Hi-Resolution Earphones

Music makes the heart go fonder. Let them listen to their favorite songs in high resolution audio while they’re stuck in city traffic.


Give their valuable gadgets the ultimate protection from damaging impacts and accidental falls as they rush their way through the footbridges and walkways.


The Sporty Hipster

After the day’s work, they still have a lot of energy to bike, to run, to swim and to hit the gym; the Urbanite version of Spartan’s Brave 300. Hence, they’re the advocates of healthy living and they’re always meticulous about their food choices. Muscles and slender body tones are the fruits of their labor. Despite the tiring and body-aching workouts, it seems that they’ve spared a little more strength to become a father for their family like inviting them for strolls, watch movies and eat out on their favorite restaurants.

Cool Gift Ideas:

Hydrapak Stash 1L

Keep them hydrated every time they workout with this durable and collapsible Hydrapak Stash.


Make their important cards and their money safe while they do their regular exercise routine with this cool money clip wallet from DOSH.

AEVOR Sportspack Blue Bird Sky

Give them a sportspack that can expand to another 6 liters more when they need space for their sweaty clothes.

Elecom Sports Stereo Earphone

Get them inspired and motivated while listening to music when they’re running or cycling with this hip sports earphones from Elecom.

STM Armband

Let them carry their gadgets while they workout with this cool STM Armband.


The Modern Dapper

They always look sharp and smart. The responsibility of deciding what’s best for their enterprise is on their shoulders. They have endless nights of planning and thinking how to grow their company for the welfare of their subordinates. Industry leaders like them don’t have ample leisure time during working days, but still, they perform the greatest and most noble task; being a father to their children and guide them to the right path.

Cool Gift Ideas:

KIKO Buck Bi-fold Wallet

Leather is always better for your father, this Buck Bi-fold wallet from KIKO, that’s hand-crafted is surely an ideal gift for them.

PKG DRI Roll Up Pack

Indeed, the PKG DRI Roll Up Pack is the urban workhorse bag; super durable and with ample capacity for daily carrying solutions.

Elecom Bluetooth Headset

It’s only of incoming and outgoing calls; this Elecom Bluetooth headset is also for listening to music and audio for videos.

Vluno True Leather iPhone 6/6s Case

This high-quality leather case will add to the luxurious and affluent style of a modern dapper.

I hope that we’ve helped you to have an idea on what to give your father on their special day. You can find these items and other gift ideas in all Urbanize stores. However, we must all agree that it’s not about their imperfections and personal preference that defines them, because for us our father and all the father figures in our lives are the coolest men on earth.

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