Vog Masks: The Key to Clean Air

Have you ever been stuck in traffic while in a jeepney? Or maybe you’ve been forced to walk along Ortigas during rush hour?

I mean, the walk is nothing for me; the heat and traffic are the least of my problems. The real problem that bothers me during these moments is the carbon footprint we’re setting off in this wonderful city of ours and the massive amount of air pollution we release in Manila that makes taking a nice walk along the road unhealthy for us. Good thing I discovered Vog Masks.

Vog Mask 7

Vog Mask 6

Vog Masks help us filter the air that we breathe so we can take on the outside world and still keep our lungs away from harm. They protect us from air pollution, bacteria, viruses, pollen, mold spores, second-hand cigarette smoke, and pet allergens with their active carbon filters.

Vog Mask 4

Here’s a chart that explains how Vog masks help us filter air pollution compared to the simple things we do to block them out:


This is just perfect for walking, biking, jogging, and for motorcycle riders along the city.

Vog Mask 8

You won’t have to worry about the mask not fitting your style, either, as Vog Masks come in different designs ready to suit your style.



You can order Vog Masks at The Clean Air Store Facebook Page at Php1,300 each.

However, we are also giving away 1 Vog Mask to 1 lucky reader of WhenInManila.com. You just have to follow the instructions below:

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