Vlogging 101: How To Start A Vlogging Career

Coron Wil Dasovich

From “Web log” to “blog” arise a new art form – “vlog,” which means blogging in video form. It’s not a secret anymore that creating original content on YouTube is now one way to generate income. Many celebrities today have been known for their vlogs such Wil Dasovich, Janina Vela, and Michelle Dy. Some TV personalities, on the other hand, have also started their own channels, like Kris Aquino, Alex Gonzaga, and Baninay Bautista.

Truth be told, internet fame is not an overnight success. It is trial and error and there are consistent challenges here and there. Trending and different platforms’ algorithm – these are some of the things to consider, especially now with additional changes to the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). These changes, as per YouTube Creator Blog, aim to protect their creator ecosystem and ensure a more stable revenue to their partners.

This year, #WIMsquad tries to vlog, so if you’re planning to venture the road to vlogging, Let me share a few things I’ve learned along the way as a video producer.

WIMSquad Vlogs

Brand yourself.

Who are you? What do you want to be known for? What are you good at? These questions will help you establish your brand. If you’ve subscribed to a few channels now, you’ll probably have an idea which channels to watch when you want to see something specific. Know what category you fall into and how you want to market yourself. Remember that you are what you’re selling, but also do not let fear stop you.

Commit to it.

Decide that you want to do it and commit to it. Do it on a regular basis and after a few videos, you’ll have a statistics of to which market your brand is selling. Learn about them, your viewers. Would they want to watch this? Keep the golden rule in mind – consistency is key. When you’ve built a community, that will only be the time when you can explore other things and (fingers crossed) toggle a new range of audience.

Be equipped.

While video equipment doesn’t come in cheap, we should learn to work with what we have. There are plenty of weapons to choose from and quite a bit of process. With vlogs, pre-production, production, and post-production must happen in a snap. If you’re buying your first few toys, make sure that it will be able to cater your production needs. When you’re a YouTuber or vlogger, according to Casey Neistat, perfection can sometimes get in the way of productivity. The Casey tip is this – “do not let perfection get in the way of good enough.” He explained that 4 OK scenes = story, as compared to a single perfect shot.

Casey Tip


As mentioned earlier, success doesn’t come overnight. While making your way towards this dream career, do not make impulsive decisions like quitting your 9 to 5 job (unless you’ve saved quite a fortune). At this point, there is no assurance yet of how long you will be able to attain the amount you’ll need to sustain at least your basic needs, not to mention the investments (equipment, props, travel, etc.) you’ll have to throw in to grow your channel. Calculate the risks before taking a giant leap of faith.

Stay passionate.

Simply put, I’d like to quote the famous Chinese teacher and philosopher – “choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

I also wanna share what Kali Vidanes, an ADMU student who vlogs on the side, has to say when asked about his favorite thing about vlogging:

“It has to be the fact that you essentially record memories. I’m a forgetful person, but every time I watch one of my vlogs, I’m reminded of what I did, how I felt, and who I was with. It’s easy to get lost in the moment when it happens, but it’s hard to remember the emotions and the actual experience. Easily, the memories are my favorite thing. Before, vlogging really just used to be a person recording what goes on in their life. Now, it’s a spectacle. Everyone vlogs to impress and it’s hard to find vloggers who are vlogging because it’s their passion and not because it’s a trend. So my advice is if you want to vlog, do it. Just make sure that if you do, you’re being honest with yourself about why you started in the first place.”

Why do you wanna start a vlog? Share with us in the comments section below!