Viral Video Claims To Show Rude PAL Flight Stewardess – But Is All Really As It Seems?

In what appears to be a text book lesson on “Don’t immediately believe everything you see on the internet”, a viral video is currently making the rounds claiming to show a PAL flight attendant rudely answering a female passenger.

The video came with the following description:

“This happens during our flight going to our province..a sarcastic stewardess ..answering back the woman asking why the flight wasn’t on time to depart..anyway, this is PAL flight PR 2201..THE PETITE STEWARDEES TOLD ME TO DELETE THIS VIDEO..ON WHAT GROUND NA BWAL KUMUHA NG VIDEO”

Check out the video below and then read on to see if things are really as they seem:

Having watched the video, you might now be forgiven to think that the stewardess was unduly sarcastic to the passenger, and that the person filming the event did so to document this apparent failing of the usually flawless PAL in-flight service. Without any further information, this is where the story would end – but it doesn’t. A couple of days after the video was first posted on Facebook, a person by the name of Bryan (we redacted his last name on privacy grounds), who claims to have been on the same flight, posted a very different account on the social media site. Read for yourself:


You be the judge as to what actually happened, but having flown numerous times with PAL, I personally have never come across any flight attendants who weren’t 100% courteous, professional and super friendly. It may also be worth pointing out to the gentleman who took the video that – while I haven’t got the exact PAL policy on taking photos and video on a plane at hand – it is safe to assume that with the aircraft being private property, the stewardess would be entirely within her rights to request that a passenger refrains from filming onboard, or indeed even deletes footage if requested. During a similar incident in the USA a while ago, a passenger was arrested for refusing to do so.

Is this just a case of  people being mean and using the power of technology to once again bully someone? Did the flight attendant do anything wrong? Was the passenger just being rude? 

What are your thoughts on this? 


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