VIRAL: This Guy Does ‘Drive-Thru’ LIKE A BOSS in His ‘Kalabaw’

I always wondered if you can do drive-thru in any fastfood chain riding a bike. Or crazily, drive-thru while rolling a tire on your side.

However, this guy who has gone viral did drive-thru in the popular Filipino fastfood chain LIKE A BOSS. How? He was riding his carabao!

Don’t believe it, watch the video below.

Video may be pretty old. According to the YouTube post, it was uploaded on June 23, 2012. However, this is still by far one of the most badass way to do drive-thru!

Even more amazing, he did the drive-thru with several kids in tow. Probably, he is treating his grandchildren.

Isn’t that a cool way to do drive thru?

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