VIRAL: Duterte Wears Marikina Shoes With Pride

A heartwarming Facebook post was written by Rosemarie Santos back in June. In it, she said:

rosemarie post

It looks like her heartfelt words touched the kind soul of the President because he actually wore the shoes made by Rolando Santos, the proud father of Rosemarie! He showed off the beautiful pair in his meeting with the  United States Secretary of State, John Kerry.

Rolando had been making shoes for more than 50 years. To glorify his hard work, his daughter wanted the President to notice his lovely crafts. And he did!

President Rodrigo Duterte even joked about how these Marikina shoes are exported and labelled differently in other countries.

Kidding aside, we truly appreciate how the President highlights our local products whenever he can. I’m sure Rosemarie and her father, Rolando, are very proud! Rosemarie must be really happy right now. She got what she wanted for her father. Aww.

What local product would you want our President to highlight next time?