VIDEO: Sam the Stuffed toy dog Goes Missing After his First Mission to Space

The hunt for Sam the Stuffed Astrodog is on.

According to reports, students of Morecambe Bay Community Primary school in England launched Sam, a stuffed toy dog, into space on a helium balloon with measuring equipment and a GoPro camera as part of a school science project.

Sam was launched into space from Midland Hotel and had a smooth flight up into the atmosphere. But things got rough for the little guy as the helium balloon popped, sending him hurling down back to earth.

Thanks to a GPS tracking device which was attached to the GoPro, the equipment was retrieved 30 miles away from launch point in a field near Burnley; unfortunately, Sam was MIA.

Now everyone’s on the lookout for the missing stuffed toy. That’s one small step for Sam, and one giant step for all stuffedkind.

Here’s Sam’s exciting journey to space:

Do you think they’ll find Sam?

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