VIDEO: “I want to forgive the people who hurt me” – Spreading Peace & Love Around Manila

Last week my friend Nikki Longetti and I went around Manila and posted hundreds of these flyers around the city in an attempt to spread some positivity and good vibes to whoever felt they needed it.

watermark - take a smile

watermark - you can make a difference

watermark - peace

watermark - take what you need

watermark - location

We didn’t really know how people would react or what would happen, but we decided to film it and ask people of different social classes why they needed whatever they took from the flyers.

watermark - freedom

watermark - forgivness

watermark - understanding

Check out the result and how it all went in the video below:

PS: I’m a new contributing writer for When In Manila so a lot of the videos I make will probably be featured on this blog. However, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to view my other videos and for new videos to come as well 🙂


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