VIDEO: Ed Sheeran is Finally Back and Shares Two New Tracks—Listen Here!

Ed Sheeran is back from his hiatus.

The singer-songwriter disappeared from the limelight and social media a year ago with an intention to take a rest and travel. He posted the following on December 12th 2015 on his Instagram to say proper farewells to his fans:

Please read x

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And it seems Ed is a man who keeps his promise. Exactly a year after, the Grammy-winning artist announced his return to social media with one simple Instagram post:

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And that’s not all. On top of the singer’s return to social media, apparently, is his return to music as well. In the beginning of the year, Ed announced that new music was coming. He’s been away for a while; his last single released was the track “Photograph” in May 2015. So yes, it’s been a long rest!

And yesterday, after a long, grueling wait, Ed finally released not just one, but two tracks. He even writes on his Instagram: “Cause I’ve been away for a bit here’s two singles rather than one.” So thoughtful. His new tracks are titled “Shape of You” and “Castle on the Hill”.

Finally, here are Ed Sheeran’s two new singles, which you are free to put on loop until you get tired of it (which may never happen). Listen:

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