Vern Enciso Spills Her Secrets to Instagrammable Travel—Plus More Tips from Travel Influencers!


Now, for the last speaker, do I even need to introduce this woman? Everybody probably knows her. But in case you live under a rock, well, she is Vern Enciso my super girl crush and half of the sisters behind She’s been to a lot of places her whole life. She has seen the northern lights, became a brand ambassador for numerous brands and one of the most credible fashion-slash-travel bloggers out there.

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Being a well-traveled woman, it is no surprise that the topic assigned to her is “The Secrets to Instagrammable Travel”. Traveling ladies, be sure to take notes as I share with you her travel hacks!

Before a flight, she suggested that a person should research first on the destination’s picturesque places. No brainer here, Google is your best friend. Plan and prepare your outfits that would match the places listed perfectly. Also, research on your destination’s weather so you could dress appropriately. You don’t wanna wear a bikini in a rainy city right? Once you’ve arrived at your destination, make sure to keep everything down to the little details on your phone so you would not waste your time rummaging information everywhere. In taking photos, be sure to keep your selfies at a minimal. Always keep in mind that your goal is to stand out in your own photo and try doing something different in every snap. In posting your travel photos, be sure to look for a filter and stick to it so you can achieve your feed goals. Be sure that in every photo you’ll take, you get to relieve your adventures so always be open to ideas and let your creative juices flow.

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In Vern’s talk, she also shared some tips for traveling comfortably without compromising looking chic! According to her, here are some reminders that you need to consider in choosing your travel #OOTDs: Wear comfortable shoes, know the weather and choose your outfits accordingly, pack emergency clothes in case Google weather fails you, always use pieces more than once to avoid overpacking, bring a bag that would fit all your outfits, and of course always keep in mind that even the smallest details can change your look.

But coming from a blogger who takes great photos, here’s a tip that comes as a surprise from Vern Enciso: “PUT YOUR CAMERA DOWN AND ENJOY WHAT’S IN FRONT OF YOU.”


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