12 Valentine’s Day Decors to Spice Up Your Date Nights at Home

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! For those planning to spend date nights at home, this list of Valentine’s Day decors will instantly transform your space into a romantic haven where you can spend a more intimate time without worrying about long lines and traffic.

Make your Valentine’s Day celebration stress-free and surprise the love of your life with an unforgettable date night at home with these fancy Valentine’s Day decors!

Heart-Shaped Scented Candles

Scented candle Valentine's day decors

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Set up the mood by lighting up these scented candles! They are heart-shaped, smokeless, and have a long-lasting scent that will create a more romantic and relaxing ambiance. Each box contains nine pieces, and there are different colors as well. Buy it here!

Photo Wall Set

Photo frame Valentine's day decors

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Make your date night more special and reminisce precious moments with your special someone with this photo wall decor. It also requires lots of effort that anyone will surely appreciate! This photo wall set decor has everything you need, including paper frames, clips, and hemp ropes. Buy it here! 

Hanging Balloons

Balloons Valentine's day decors

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Decorating balloons never fail to elevate any occasion. This Valentine’s Day, it would be great to use these adorable hanging balloons with heart pendants. What makes them unique is the laser effect that lets the balloons glitter even in light! Buy it here!

Heart-Shaped Confetti Petals

Confetti petals Valentine's day decors

Photo: Lazada

If you’re looking for budget-friendly alternatives to flower petals, these heart-shaped confetti that look like petals are a good option. They come in different pretty colors, while some even have a print that reads “I love you.” You can either decorate them on the wall or spread them on the floor. Buy it here!

Lace Table Runner

Table runner Valentine's day decors

Photo: Lazada

This Valentine’s Day-themed lace table runner is a must-have for indoor date nights! It will easily revamp the look of your table, adding a more romantic touch. This Valentine’s Day decor is eco-friendly, high-quality, and practical. Buy it here!

Heart-Shaped Pillows

Heart pillows Valentine's day decors

Photo: Lazada

Having throw pillows for your date night is an excellent idea to maximize the activities that you can do indoors. You might need these heart-shaped pillows for a movie night or maybe stargazing! These soft pillows have different sizes and colors that can adorn your space. Buy it here! 

LED Candle

LED candle Valentine's day decors

Photo: Lazada

Instead of using fairy lights or lamps, you might want to opt for unique LED candles! These are good alternatives to scented candles, which can also create a warm atmosphere. They’re more convenient to use as decors. Buy it here!

Aesthetic Vase

Vase Valentine's day decors

Photo: Lazada

Since a flower bouquet will always be a part of Valentine’s Day celebrations, arranging the flowers in an aesthetic vase can be an easy decoration. After all, it has a dual purpose, so it’s worth adding to your Valentine’s Day decor list. These pretty vase colors will definitely look good on the table. Buy it here!

Balloon Boxes

Balloon boxes Valentine's day decors

Photo: Lazada

You might have seen these transparent balloon boxes with letters printed on them on several occasions. Well, they can also grace your indoor dates! These give a more personalized touch to your Valentine’s Day decors as you can spell your names, endearment, or anything that will make your date kilig. You can use them as a backdrop, too. Buy it here! 

Valentine’s Day Ornaments

Ornaments Valentine's day decors

Photo: Lazada

Hanging these lovely ornaments in your place can infuse romance and humor into your date night at home. They have different designs and notes, like “I love you” and “I miss you,” allowing you to express your love. These will instantly make your special someone smile as soon as they see them on your door or window! Buy it here!


Banner Valentine's day decors

Photo: Lazada

Banners are essential and quick decorations on many occasions. They never fail to beautify any area! That’s why it’s nice to incorporate these cute Valentine’s Day-themed banners into your date night setup. You can choose different designs and text, then simply hang it on the wall for romantic vibes. Buy it here!

Photo Booth Backdrop

Backdrop Valentine's day decors

Photo: Lazada

If you want to get more creative and set up a mini photo booth in the corner for your date night at home, you must get this photo booth cloth backdrop. Taking photos with your significant other using this backdrop will surely look beautiful as they come in warm colors pleasing to the eyes! You can also add more decors to it. Buy it here!

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How are you planning to decorate your date nights at home? Tell us in the comments!


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