Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: 10 Creative Bouquet Alternatives That Don’t Wither

Valentine’s Day is just right around the corner, and a lot of you are probably now looking for Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your special someone.

A flower bouquet has always been the top choice, as it serves as a traditional Valentine’s gift. However, not everyone is fond of flowers, while some prefer to give something that will last longer yet still be romantic.

If you want to shake things up this Valentine’s Day, include these lovely bouquet alternatives to your Valentine’s Day gift ideas!

LED Artificial Flowers

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas LED artificial flower

Photo: Lazada

Artificial flowers are a common alternative to roses or flower bouquets since they don’t wither. Instead of just giving your S.O. a simple artificial flower bouquet, make it more creative and romantic with this LED light rose in a fancy glass dome. It has different colors and comes in a presentable box! The love of your life can light it up at night in their room and remember your sweet gesture. Buy it here! 

Crochet Bouquet

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas crochet bouquet

Photo: Lazada

Another super cute alternative is a crochet bouquet! It’s budget-friendly and sustainable. With this, you can still achieve your preferred flower arrangements in a more personalized and unique way. You can also include a bouquet with some fairy lights and a message card. Buy it here!

Plush Bouquet

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas plush bouquet

Photo: Lazada

A plush bouquet is similar to a crochet bouquet, but this is a good choice if you want to veer away from flowers or if your special someone loves plushies! This adorable Sanrio plush bouquet looks very pleasing—the plushie itself, colors, and arrangements. It even includes a pretty paper bag and gift card. Buy it here!

Money Bouquet

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas money bouquet

Photo: Lazada

You can never go wrong with this bouquet alternative! A money bouquet is among the perfect Valentine’s Day gift ideas. Anyone would definitely love it! After all, it’s a practical choice and a good last-minute Valentine’s gift. This ready-to-use money bouquet has everything you need: money slots and beautiful wraps. You just need to choose the style you like. Buy it here!

Chocolate Bouquet

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas chocolate bouquet

Photo: Lazada

Chocolates also symbolize Valentine’s Day. They go hand in hand with flower bouquets, so gifting your S.O. a bouquet of their favorite chocolates is a great option, too! You can choose which chocolates or snacks you want and incorporate a mini plushie, balloon, or message card. Buy it here!

LED Balloon Bouquet

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas LED balloon bouquet

Photo: Lazada

Looking for cheaper yet unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas? An LED balloon bouquet is the answer! It’s creative, eye-catching, and long-lasting, which will make the love of your life smile instantly. There are various colors and styles you can choose from! It looks pretty to display as well without worrying it might wither. Buy it here!

Soap Flower Bouquet

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas soap flower bouquet

Photo: Lazada

Make Valentine’s Day more memorable through this enchanting soap flower bouquet! It never fades, and the fragrance can last a lifetime. This is also an excellent way for your S.O. to spread a relaxing ambiance in their space. Its fragrance might also remind them of you or your sweet moments together! Buy it here!

Surprise Gift Box

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas surprise gift box

Photo: Lazada

A gift box with everything your S.O. loves, like chocolates and plushies, will surely brighten up their day! If you’re torn about giving them sweets, plushies, or flowers, you can gift them this instead to mix and match your options. The box consists of chocolates, snacks, lip tint, skincare, a plushie, and a mini-dried flower bouquet! There are various packages, depending on which items you want to include. Buy it here!

Flower Drawer Gift Box

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas flower drawer gift box

Photo: Lazada

Level up your Valentine’s Day surprise with this elegant and gorgeous flower drawer gift box with charming jewelry! It’s made from high-quality materials, making it look real, while the jewelry adds romance and sophistication. You can choose between a necklace or a ring. It has a message card, too! Buy it here!

3D Bouquet Card

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas 3D bouquet card

Photo: Lazada

Show your unconditional love with this artistic and realistic 3D bouquet card. The colorful flower bouquet with intricate details pops up when you open the card! Of course, there’s a space where you can write your heartfelt letter. It’s a handy and simple yet sweet Valentine’s Day gift! You can choose from different cute designs. Buy it here!

Which of these would you give to the love of your life this Valentine’s Day?


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