UST Engineer designs robot to lessen physical contact in COVID hospitals

Anthony James Bautista, assistant professor, and engineer from the University of Santo Tomas (UST) created the LISA Robot: Logistic Indoor Service Assistant Robot, a robot designed to lessen contact between COVID-19 patients and frontliners.

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The LISA robot is currently being tested for use in the UST Hospital. In a Facebook post by the engineer, he said, “LISA is a telepresence robot that delivers medicine and allows health workers to communicate with patients remotely. This robot can easily be reproduced for other hospitals to use.”

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The LISA robot allows healthcare workers to communicate with the patient without entering the patient’s room, therefore minimizing contact. According to the USTH Department of Medical Education and Research, the equipment consists of a tablet that allows communication between the staff and patient through any internet-based communication platform. It is also remote controlled and capable of moving in multiple directions.

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