14 Useful items to buy to protect yourself during the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing havoc in many corners of the world. However, amid the crisis, there are products you can get to protect yourself from catching the virus, which you can buy online from Urban Traveller & Co.

Alcohol and toilet paper aren’t the only things in the surge when this health crisis began. Beyond these two that have become nearly synonymous with lockdown life, many specialized items are now required to ensure that you get that extra layer of protection.

Here are some of the goods that you can buy online to protect yourself against the dreaded coronavirus.

14. Banale Active Mask Adult Color Series Regular Size

affiliate urban traveller 1 banale active mask adult

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Working out outside your home? Running or biking has become popular activities to stay fit during this pandemic. To give you peace of mind when outside, this Banale Active Mask is your personal protection against pollution—keeping you safe against dust, pollen, and bacteria. It is made from Soffioplus, which is an innovative material that efficiently filters out particles while offering high comfort when doing physical activities outdoors.

Buy this active mask here.

13. Banale Mask – The Pollution Solution

affiliate urban traveller 2 banale mask pollution

Photo source: urbantravellerco.com

Banale is the go-to face mask brand of cyclists and bikers against pollution and bacteria. A pollution mask that has passed the FFP2 European standard, it comes with an interchangeable filter made by combining 7 filtering layers.

Its innovative design guarantees protection against air particles PM 2.5 and PM 10, pollen, and bacteria. It can even go hand-in-hand with accessories such as sunglasses and helmets.

Get this Banale Mask here.

12. Banale Silver Mask – Hi-Performance

affiliate urban traveller 3 banale silver mask

Photo source: urbantravellerco.com

Born out of a growing demand for masks in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, this Banale Silver mask offers a high-performance, high-fashion breathing mask. Aside from the trademark antibacterial layer, activated carbon, and an interchangeable filter that made Banale masks a hit, this newest addition to the roster has antibacterial silver that boosts the protection it gives to health-conscious people and urban commuters.

Buy this silver mask here.

11. Banale Active Mask Kids

affiliate urban traveller 4 banale active mask kids available near me

Photo source: urbantravellerco.com

Perfect for the young ones, this Banale active mask for kids is a must-have for mobile city-dwellers. Made from a special foam, it loops gently around the ears so your kids feel comfortable wearing it while it entraps pollen, dust, and bacteria that may be encountered on the road.

Buy online this active mask for kids.

10. Banale Mask Refill Pack

affiliate urban traveller 5 banale mask refill pack

Photo source: urbantravellerco.com

The Banale mask refill pack contains 2 anti-smog filters. This one-size-fits-all replaceable filter protects from PM 2.5, PM 10, pollen, and bacteria. Each refill pack can last 6-8 weeks.

Buy a mask refill pack here.

9. Banale Active Mask Adult Black Series

affiliate urban traveller 6 Banale Active Mask Adult Black Series

Photo source: urbantravellerco.com

This wash-and-wear face mask is a must-have for people who need to go outside. It is made from special foam that ensures a comfortable fit even when worn for long hours. It effectively protects against pollen, dust, and bacteria that may be encountered on the road.

It can be re-used after washing it in cold water. Despite continuous exposure to the elements, the Banale Active Mask will stay fresh and effective, thanks to an elastic lycra component.

Get this face mask online here.

8. ProShield Plus

proshield plus water repellent face mask 2

The ProShield Plus face mask has a 3-Ply design to provide adequate protection against moisture and vaporous particles. It features a water-repellent finishing and antibacterial properties. For added protection, it can be used with ProShield filter pads.

Buy the ProShield Plus online here.

7. CleanKey

affiliate urban traveller 7 CleanKey

Photo source: urbantravellerco.com

The CleanKey is a safe and easy way to avoid touching contaminated surfaces. It is made with premium copper alloy, features a stylus tip that works on all touchscreens, and has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to open doors, press buttons, and pull levers. With the CleanKey, you can reduce your point-of-contact area with dirty public surfaces as you return to the new normal.

Buy the CleanKey online.

6. Banale Active Mask Adult Color Series Large Size

affiliate urban traveller 8 banale face mask large

Photo source: urbantravellerco.com

The Banale Active Mask never stops filtering and can be used for long periods of time outdoors. Portable, convenient, and machine washable (in cold water), or can be hand-washed up to 30 times. Thanks to Soffioplus, the innovative material that the mask is made of, it can efficiently filter out particles while offering high comfort during sports and urban activities.

Buy this face mask here.

5. ProShield Adjustable Ear Mask Extender

affiliate urban traveller 9 ProShield Adjustable Ear Mask

Photo source: urbantravellerco.com

Wearing a face mask for a long time can cause pain to your ears. As a solution, this ear mask extender can be used without hooking the face mask on your ears, which provides a level of comfort despite long time use. Perfect for the ProShield Plus, it can also be used for any brand/type of face mask.

Check the price of the ProShield Adjustable Ear Mask Extender.

4. ProShield Plus Mask Filter

affiliate urban traveller 10 ProShield Plus Mask Filter

Photo source: urbantravellerco.com

Add an extra layer of protection using the ProShield Plus Mask Filter. It easily inserts into the ProShield Plus face mask to ensure that it keeps all particles from getting through it.

Buy the ProShield Plus Mask Filter online.

3. CleanTray by Keysmart

affiliate urban traveller 11 CleanTray by Keysmart

Photo source: urbantravellerco.com

The CleanTray is a UV light sterilization case that kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria on your personal items in just 5 minutes. It does its job 2x faster than other brands. It offers 10,000 hours lifespan, which is 5x longer than other UV cases. It fits smartphones with a size of up to 7 inches. It can also fit other essentials like your keys, wallet, earphones, and more.

Buy the CleanTray by Keysmart here.

2. FogBlock

affiliate urban traveller 12 FogBlock

Photo source: urbantravellerco.com

PPE masks and glasses don’t play well together. FogBlock prevents the fog that occurs on your glasses from your breath escaping the top of your mask and into your glasses. Safe to use on all glasses and non-toxic.

Get FogBlock online here.

1. CleanLight Air

affiliate urban traveller 13 CleanLight Air Purifier

Photo source: urbantravellerco.com

Keep your air clean of harmful particles with the CleanLight Air portable UV air purifier. The 360-degree H13 HEPA filter removes 99% of particles including smoke, dust, odors, pet dander, TOVC, and air pollution.

After passing the HEPA filter, the air passes through a UV-C LED that kills 99.9% of bacteria and germs. The compact design fits in most cup holders and is strong enough to purify rooms up to 160 sq. ft.

The CleanLight Air includes a micro-USB power cable and a charge port so you can keep your devices charged. Plus, you can add essential oils for aromatherapy.

Buy CleanLight Air here.

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