Urbiz Garden Plage: La Union’s Bed ‘n Breakfast of Pure Bliss

Are you looking for a getaway to connect to your self and attain inner peace? Located at Brgy. Urbiztondo in San Juan, La Union, lies a little piece of Nirvana called Urbiz Garden Plage.

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Ubriz Garden Plage is one of the oldest bed and breakfast inns in Urbiztondo. Even before San Juan got commercialized and branded as the “North’s Surfing Capital“.

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The place was built in 2001 by the grandparents of Miss Tina Antonio. The house resembles the aesthetics of American colonial architecture.

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Due to the high cost of maintaining the place, Urbiz Garden Plage opened its doors to selected guests and walk-ins back in 2007. Till this day, it’s one of the most kept secret places in the area, since Urbiz Garden values the privacy and high-quality service for their guests.

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The garden leads straight to Urbiztondo beach where you can witness the waves that made this place the surfing capital of the north.

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There are cottages available in the garden fronting the beach.

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Bigger cottages are also available for groups who likes to have lunch in front of the beach. It’s a perfect spot for a boodle fight.

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Personally, this is my favorite spot in the garden. It’s where I can meditate in peace during sunrise, right before I start my day. The sound of the waves crashing calms me down and gets me into a much deeper trance. It’s a unique type of flow I can never achieve in the city.

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I stayed in one of their private cabanas to ensure my tranquil stay here. It has its own open shower room and comfort room as well. By the way, bringing a pet is not something to worry about, since Urbiz Garden is a pet-friendly environment.

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The cabana is intended for two people, but the bed can fit three to four people easily. It has its own A/C as well, but I prefer using the fan instead to give my stay a more natural vibe.

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This place is just the perfect retreat from the city. Most of their rooms offer no TV, since they give you a chance to unplug from technology, breathe in nature, collect yourself, and connect with the people around you. Urbiz Garden is not just a place you visit, it’s a home where you’ll come back over and over again.


Urbiz Garden Bed & Breakfast

#134 Beachfront Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union, Philippines
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/urbizgarden
Website: www.urbizgarden.com
0917 590 8256


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