Urbanears: Adding Color to the Concept of Sound


Gone were the days when technology need to be dull, basic and boring. In today’s lifestyle, the need for a product to have high quality, innovation and style is a must. And for all you music lovers out there, I present the latest in music, color and style combined: Urbanears.




When In Manila, be sure to “add a little bit of color to the concept of sound” and get your own pair of Urbanears headset.




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Last night, an additional splash of color was added to The Podium as Swedish headphone brand Urbanears opened their first ever concept store in the Philippines. The event was hosted by former PBB housemate turned host-actor Robi Domingo. The theme: colourful and chic which ideally describes the Urbanears products.










These head pieces are not your ordinary headsets. The Urbanears products are typically conceived with the idea of how a headphone is used and why. The designs are with useful functionality and productivity without sacrificing the look and of course, the color of the product. The color is the major identity of Urbanears. It produces ten colors per collection, five of which are retained. The other half are released depending on the season. Urbanears also releases editions line twice a year, which features the use of various fabrics and textiles.



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You would know that these headphones are the perfect choice for fashionistas as Urbanears also released their 2012 Fall/Winter Collection. Three new colors were added to the collection; Forest, Pumpkin and Rust. The colors of the season!








 Urbanears creates the headphones that fit your everyday life.



The Plattan, is a closed on ear headphone, made to be the perfect classic headphone. It’s also collapsible; big sounds, small package. Plus this is the only headphone that can let you share music by just adding another headphone to the Zoundplug!








Tired of constantly falling earphones? The Medis earphones is just what you need. Its small and light but it stays put by having pieces that fits in your ear. It even has sizes for a cosy fit!









The Bagis is the smallest model that Urbanears have. These earplugs come in 3 different sizes for that snug fit that’ll bring you less noise and more sound. And if you’re not using it, the ends snaps together so you can carry it around your neck.









For those that wants to get to listen to their surroundings while listening to their music, the Tanto is for you. But it still has that 40mm driver as the Plattan, just that it’s lighter.









The latest addition to this collection is the Zinken. These headphones are made with full functionality in mind. It comes with interchangeable headsets, the TurnCable which is a 6.3mm plug for DJ sessions and a 3.5mm on the other for regular sound trips.





Oh yeah! Unlike the usual headphone wires, the cords are made of fabric. That means a studier line, less tangling and  reduced noise. Plus, every headphone has its own microphone and remote which are compatible to most of the brands.





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With Ms Gelyn Custodio of Digits Trading Corporation at the launch of Urbanears  and me super thrilled to try my own pair! 




Never again must you settle for a pair of boring headphones, add color to your music experience with the Urbanears collection!




Urban ears




When In Manila, make sure to grab your very own Urbanears headphones or better yet, start collecting now!  





For more information about Urbanears:

Visit them at  3rd floor, The Podium in Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City

visit Digits Trading’s Facebook

or follow them on Twitter





Urbanears: Adding Color to the Concept of Sound