Update on Balesin Celebrity-Politician Wedding

Update on Balesin Celebrity-Politician Wedding

Earlier today, we wrote about a planned wedding at Balesin that was bumped off to prioritize a wedding of a politician and celebrity. In our original post, we cited a makeup artist’s Facebook post:

Planned Wedding at Balesin Bumped Off to Prioritize Wedding of Celebrity and Politician

According to the status message, “Wow, my friend’s tediously planned Balesin wedding was just bumped off because a celebrity-politician couple wanted theirs on the same day. Wtf (deleted) and Alphaland?! Yes I’m calling you out, this is so not cool!!””

EXCLUSIVE UPDATE Insider Reveals Details on Planned Balesin Wedding Bumped Off to Prioritize Celebrity Wedding

Netizens took to social media to air their thoughts, with one user saying “[I] hope the original couple can sue”

As a result, netizens have commented on this incident. Some urged the first couple to sue, while others complained about how Balesin prioritized the celebrity couple.

Update on Balesin Celebrity Wedding

The beautiful island resort of Balesin

Balesin Island Club is an exclusive island members-only resort owned by Alphaland. As of February 17, 2013, the website stated the annual membership fee starts at P3 million, with monthly increases of P100,000. Due to its expensive fees, only the privileged can have access to the island resort southeast of Polillo, Quezon Province.

Now, we have word from someone who is involved in the situation. According to that person:

1. The politician reserved the date first. He first asked for it on February 8, 2014. At the time, the wife-to-be did not know about it, so the matter was highly confidential.

2. The engaged couple whose wedding was bumped off did not make a written request for the booking, which is required by Balesin. Because of this, they do not have any confirmed reservation.

3. During peak season like Valentine’s Day, the resort only accommodates one major event at a time.

UPDATE: Balesin Island Club released its official statement on its Facebook page. According to Roberto “Bobby” V. Ongpin:

Balesin Island Club Releases Official Statement on Wedding Incident Balesin Island Club Releases Official Statement on Wedding Incident 2

According to the post, “I am presently in Europe, but my daughter Ana and nephew Apa have just called my attention to a Facebook entry in which someone claimed that their friends were “bumped off” for their proposed February 14 (Valentine’s Day) wedding at Balesin. At first, I was amused by the report, but it seems to be getting traction and I wanted to set the record straight for everyone.

“I wish everyone to know that it was I who actually invited Heart and Chiz to have their wedding at Balesin when I had dinner with them shortly after they returned from their trip to Paris sometime in July and even before they announced their formal engagement. I was therefore very pleased when Chiz and Heart called me a few weeks ago to tell me they had finally decided on Balesin as their wedding venue.  As many of you know, both Chiz and Heart have been friends of mine for some time now. Balesin is one of their favorite places and they go there quite often with their families and friends.

“After receiving the confirmation from Chiz and Heart, I immediately checked with our Reservations people who told me that nobody had actually confirmed February 14 as of that time, so I told them to block it off. So, nobody has been ‘bumped off.'”

“I think Heart and Chiz prefer the Royal Villa (which is p resently under construction and will be completed by October), but they are also thinking about Toscana Village, which is quite a magnificent venue for a wedding.

“Actually. as long as the wedding parties do not consist of a thousand people, but only a few hundred guests, we can accommodate more than one wedding party at Balesin, even during peak season.

“I have dictated this to my secretary from Europe becase I think it is a serious matter in which innocent people are being unfairly criticized, and in order to settle the issue once and for all.”

This new information puts a fresh light over the incident. If it is true that the first couple did not have a confirmed reservation, does it mean that the island resort is still up for grabs for other weddings? Is all really fair in love, war, and weddings?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

Update on Balesin Celebrity-Politician Wedding

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