Up with People: Adding Extra to the Ordinary

Do you have a flair for high-energy entertainment or appreciation for talents that literally came from all over the globe? How ‘bout that urge to take a leap out of the norm and add extra to the ordinary?

Well, I bet this one’s for you!

When in Manila, stand up for change through music, media and entertainment; support Up with People!

Up with People started as a positive voice for young people during a period in the US. It is an international, educational non-profit entity that has become known as a tremendous force in international relations, education, and entertainment. Up with People is composed of more than 21,000 young men and women from more than 102 countries have come together to travel in 180 casts to deliver a common message of hope and goodwill to people around the world, and pursue their own global education and personal growth goals through service, music and travel. And they have impacted an estimated 22 million people worldwide.

Talk about global impact aye?

And now, they’re in Manila presenting a couple of events to promote their advocacies and help out the Philippine industry as well.




With their goal to inspire and motivate ordinary people into doing extraordinary things, Up with People came up with its newest production entitled, “Voices”. When in Manila, get the chance to experience an international collaboration of music, dance and genuine energy with a message of hope and goodwill across nations. Come watch Up with People’s all new production entitled, “Voices”.








You better get ready and prepare yourself for a live two-hour performance which includes both original and popular music with a dynamic blend of feature soloists, full cast production numbers, fast-moving choreography and colorful costumes. 

Voices features talents of a cast and staff of 100 representing 20 countries.  That’s culture of all sorts in one production! Catch the Manila premiere of Voices on October 27 at CSA.

It’s more fun in the Philippines!



It’s more fun in the Philippines and there’s no doubt about that! And Up with People also wants to join in promoting the Philippines too. They launched a 7-day “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” campaign on October 22. The campaign highlights both the fun adventures of Up with People as well as community service, education, and music as a way to bring the world together.

Check out Up with People’s “Its more fun in the Philippines” campaign!


 When in Manila, take part in creating and inspiring change. Add extra to the ordinary and Support Up with People’s advocacies!




Up with People‘s Manila Premiere of Voices:

Tickets are available at TicketWorld




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Up with People: Adding Extra to the Ordinary


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