UP College of Science Week 2014: Relive 30 Years of Greatness

UP College of Science Week 2014: Relive 30 Years of Greatnesscs-week-pubmat-official


The most-awaited and biggest event of the College of Science comes down to the culmination of the 30th year celebration since its independence from the former College of Arts and Sciences. Before and After those 30 years of existence, the scientific community that is now the UP Diliman College of Science has become the pacesetter for honor and excellence in academic excellence, and research and development. This year’s College of Science Week 2014 pays tribute to the milestones of the College through its own walk through memory lane.


The UP College of Science Week this year is entitled “CS Week 2014: Relive 30 Years of Greatness”. To be held on the third week of February, the UP College of Science has taken the extremes to the equation as it features a line-up of 8 events set for the University students, faculty, staff and alumni, especially those of the College of Science. First, we have the Photoessay Contest, open to all students of the College with the theme “Living Life with Science!” A simple entry includes a raw photograph taken inside the campus and with minimal editing. Couple this with a brief 250-word essay and they have a chance to win cash prizes and freebies from our generous sponsors! Next, we have the Official Exhibit that will span the entire College of Science for the entire month of February. Third, we have the NCR High School Quiz Bee and Poster Making Competition that shall play host to 30 teams from different schools across the metropolis to attempt to compete for academic and artistic supremacy with the theme, “CS: Delivering Innovation Through the Years”. Next, we have the Seminar Series that resembles a forum-like discussion illustrating and making topics related to the sciences more palatable to the public and emphasizing on its role and significance since its inception.


Next, we have one of the most-anticipated events of CS Week 2014, Binibini Ba’ To?, a cross-dressing beauty pageant for guys that are willing to go all-out for this one wild night of showcasing talent, beauty, sophistication, and elegance that’ll make almost everyone turn their heads. Sixth, we have another version of the famous singing competition that became localized due to its global fame, the CS Idol 9.0. Now on its 9th year, this year’s College Idol pays tribute to the most iconic men and women in the music industry with the theme, “Divas and Hustlahs: Then and Now”.


One of the true calls of being the Iskolar ng Bayan is to “Serve the People”. With the Science Workshop, this not only integrates an outreach program for the target community but also provides them the opportunity to learn the sciences in an approach that will allow them to apply the concepts they will learn in the lectures through careful and thorough experimentation succeeded by intriguing and mind-boggling results.


The culminating activity of the College Week is the CS Fun Run. The fun run is a military-themed/training-combat style that only provides a teaser to the “fun” in store for all those who will register for the first-ever College fun run. The program shall be properly culminated with a “display” that will only provide fulfillment to a fun-filled morning.


The 30 years of the College of Science is almost upon us and we are provided the opportunity to expand our horizons and be even more curious as we surge towards a continued path of honor and excellence but innovated by curiosity and logical imagination. This year’s CS Week will only provide the beginning, rather than a continuation, of what’s in store in the next century or so. As a wise man once said,


“A leader is no specific individual. It is anyone who has the ambitions of ideal, the determination of the disciplined, and the experience of the wise.”


Let us be the leaders in this new path to discovery and imagination. Let us forge a way of life and study that will forever put science and technology at the forefront. From the People. For the People. By The People. Serve the People!


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UP College of Science Week 2014: Relive 30 Years of Greatness