UNO All Wild: Where All of the Cards are Jokers

Who doesn’t love (and yet also hate :p) UNO? As fun as the game is to play, it can also be frustrating at times. Well, how about a new way to play it? Introducing UNO All Wild! Believe it or not, every single card in this game is a joker.

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Photo from UNO

Basically, how it works is that players can put down any card in their hand. Since each card is a joker, you won’t have to choose a card with a corresponding color or number. Now, that may sound simple, but special action cards can really change how the game goes – and it goes really fast, too!

There are the classic return and expose joker cards, for example, but there is also an “expose twice” card where two players get skipped! The hand exchange joker card forces players to swap the cards, and the “Pull 2” Joker card lets players decide who has to draw.

Buy UNO All Wild here.

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Photo from UNO

The fast-paced action of the All Wild cards as well as the action cards specially developed for this wild and crazy game is sure to make every game evening an unforgettable experience! Buy it now.

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