Unlock your personal style with Emporia

Shopping for clothes is fun. You scroll down your Instagram feed, find something that you like only to find out that there’s another page you have not explored yet. Being faced with many online stores to choose from can be overwhelming. The answer? All your favorite online stores in one mobile app!

Emporia is not just a treasure trove of clothes. It’s a treasure trove of style – where you can mix and match virtually until you find the perfect fit. No need to worry about not getting it right. With more options to choose from, you’ll probably end up finding your own style and embracing it.


Browse through Emporia’s wide selections and discover that fashion is not just about wearing signature brands. It’s all about finding yourself, wearing it wherever you go, and leaving that lasting impression.

“Emporia was created to be a one-stop shop for fashion lovers who find it too difficult to look for unique items they want because there are so many independent online shops available,” says France Flores, CEO/Founder of Emporia “We thought that if only there was a central marketplace for all independent shops, online shopping would be a more pleasurable experience.”


Emporia rolls convenience, security, and variety into one. No need to jump from one page to another when looking for that chic dress or trendy pants you like. Buyers and sellers’ security are also top of mind – no bogus transactions can be made.


If you’re a seller looking for the perfect avenue to showcase your collection or a fashionista searching for her true personal style, visit Emporia on Facebook or follow @emporiaph on Instagram. For inquiries, contact Ace Gapuz at connectwithHBG@gmail.com.

Get ready to flaunt your style. Download the Emporia app now, available on Google Play

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