So, Who Should Really Be Credited for Writing IV Of Spades’ ‘Mundo’?

IV of Spades fans have taken over social media with their outrage towards Viva Records after the company allegedly neglected to credit bassist Zild Benitez for co-writing the band’s hit song, “Mundo.”

What sparked the issue was the release of the music video of Raphiel Shannon’s cover of “Mundo” for the currently premiering film On Vodka, Beers, and Regrets wherein Viva Records had only credited IV of Spades’ former vocalist, Unique Salonga, as the sole composer of the song.

Mundo cover viva records

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Fans then aired out their frustration on Twitter by creating the hashtag “#GiveCreditsToZildBenitez” which subsequently landed on the top trending topics. An online petition was even made to get the attention of the record label and give proper recognition to Zild as the co-writer. As of writing, the petition has earned 4,800 signatures of the targetted 5,000.

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This petition was even shared on Facebook by Zild’s mother, Jennifer, who affirmed that the bassist was the “legitimate co-writer” of “Mundo.” Meanwhile, Unique’s mother, Llewelyn Torralba, defended her son by calling him the “original composer of the song” and promised him that “Mama will always protect all your creations!” She even added the hashtags “#MundoByUnique” and “#MoveOnNaKasiKayo” (Just Move On) on her post.

Mundo Jennifer Benitez Zild Mom

Mundo Llewelyn Torralba Unique SalongaScreenshots from Facebook

Both Unique and Zild are credited on Spotify for having written the song, however.

As of writing, neither IV of Spades or Unique has released a statement regarding the issue.

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