UNIQLO’s UniqStyle No.1 Fashionista search is on!

When In Manila and you love to show off your style, no doubt that you wouldn’t know about UNIQLO‘s clothing line. UNIQLO is a clothing brand straight from Japan that caters to a “MADE FOR ALL” philosophy. As being an avid lover of Japan an their culture, I’ve went through most of the famous UNIQLO stores in Tokyo, to specify one favorite; UNIQLO Ginza which gazed with 12 floors of their clothing line! UNIQLO Philippines isn’t left out at all. With their massive local store in SM Mall of Asia and one that looks even bigger soon to be opened in SM North Edsa, UNIQLO definitely has brought the same lovable line that they have in Japan to the Philippines.

Now, with the anticipation of SM North Edsa‘s UNIQLO branch, UNIQLO is in search for the UNIQLO’s UNIQSTYLE No.1 Fashionista! Me and Ivy Say were at SM North Edsa last October 13 to represent WhenInManila during the launch of the UNIQSTYLE search for the No.1 Fashionista. I’ve got to say, it was a fun and cool experience having a first-hand experience in the UNIQSTYLE Truck which began roaming around the metro, where you could hop on and strike a pose with some of UNIQLO‘s clothing lines available inside the UNIQSTYLE Truck, and upload it on the spot for the UNIQLO UNIQSTYLE search for the No.1 Fashionista! You already get to try on UNIQLO‘s amazing clothing line, you also get to join the UNIQSTYLE search for the No.1 Fashionista!







To join, simply “LIKE” the UNIQLO Philippines Fan Page (https://www.facebook.com/uniqlo.ph), access the application and click “Allow” to enable it. Fill in the required details and upload a photo entry wearing any UNIQLO apparel, fill in with a corresponding caption. It’s that easy! For voters, just “LIKE” the UNIQLO Philippines Fan Page, provide personal details and get started by clicking “Vote.” – Voters can vote as many times every after 8 hours.




For the street fashionistas, a UNIQSTYLE Search Truck will roam around Quezon City from October 13 to November 8, where one can try UNIQLO -pieces inside the truck and immediately upload his or her photos right inside the UNIQSTYLE Truck.  Mall goers have a say too. From October 20 to November 4, mall goers at SM North EDSA can drop by at the UNIQLO hoarding wall where they can vote their favorite UNIQSTYLE using the available iPads  stationed at the area. Uploaders can win as much as P32,000 worth of UNIQLO shopping spree while as much as 15 voters can each get P1,000 worth of UNIQLO gift certificate. There will be 4 finalist every week where the Cast’s Choice and ultimate winner will be selected.

The “UNIQSTYLE Search for UNIQLO’s No. 1 Fashionista” promo seeks to provide Filipinos an early experience prior to the opening of UNIQLO’s newest store in the country, which will be located at the 2nd floor of the SM City North EDSA – The Block.


For winning photo entries
4 Finalists every week will automatically get P5,000 each; there will be a total of 16 Finalist at the end of 4 weeks

From the 16 Finalists, the following will get additional prizes:
4 winners “Casts Favorite” will get P7,000.00 Gift Certificate each
Out of the 4, one will be chosen Ultimate UniqStyle Winner and get additional P20,000.00 Gift Certificate


For winning voters
60 winners of P1,000.00 Gift Certificate every week x 4 weeks= 240 winners
1 Ultimate Voter will get P 5,000.00 Gift Certificate  at the end of the 4th Cut-off 



So now you’ve got the low-down on the contest, here’s me and Ivy Say sharing to you guys our awesome experience to get you all pumped up and ready to mix and match with your UNIQLO clothes or with the UNIQSTYLE Truck roaming around the metro, and have a chance on being UNIQLO’s UNIQSTYLE No.1 Fashionista!



Katsumi Kubota, Chief Operating Officer, gives us an introduction and a warm welcome







The Coffee Experience was the venue, and they catered to us well.
























Off we go to the UNIQSTYLE Truck!




Ivy choosing her outfit




And there she goes!




My turn!




The walls of the soon to be opened UNIQLO SM North branch. Winning Fashionista pictures will be posted here!




Other bloggers and media people waiting for their turn for the UNIQSTYLE Truck




Had a little interview session after the UNIQSTYLE Truck experience.





Got interviewed as well.







So there you have it! Even the pictures are not enough to show how we enjoyed mixing and matching UNIQLO apparel. So come and chase the next stop of the UNIQLO UNIQSTYLE Truck now or get to your closet and wear your best fashionista UNIQLO outfit! If you wanna know if the UNIQSTYLE Truck might be near your area, check-out the UNIQLO Philippines Facebook page linked below.




UNIQLO Philippines Facebook Page



UNIQLO’s UniqStyle No.1 Fashionista search is on!


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