Uniqlo Undercover: Fall and Winter Collection 2012 + Supersale





Uniqlo Undercover launches its Fall and Winter collection and unveils huge discounts on premium items at SM MOA  





When in Manila, where sales and bargains appear more often than a sunny day (in reference to the weather nowadays), you’ve definitely heard of the ongoing SALE at Uniqlo happening from August 24-30.



Uniqlo is a casual wear retail store that originated in Japan, which I first got acquainted to in my Singapore trip just about a year ago. My friend told me about this ‘popular brand, full of basic clothing essentials’. Stepping into the store for the first time, nothing spectacular really caught my eye but I did notice the complexity in the material of their merchandise, which is what compelled me to take a second look.



These ‘basic garments’ that Uniqlo offers visually don’t offer anything unlike those that you see in more affordable retail stores however, the quality of their products that range from undergarments and everyday casual wear to business and outdoor clothing look like they were really designed and built to last. 


For a limited time, Uniqlo opens its doors with fabulous price reductions on their best-selling pieces so swing by and don’t dare miss the chance to purchase that perfect white shirt at a guilt-free cost.




The famous bra top comes in a variety of colors to choose from



Like I said, they’ve got everything covered



Graphic tees that make a statement



A different pair of shorts everyday



Plain tops, jeans, and those basic run-to pieces are the must haves and investment worthy items every one should keep in their closets. An though slightly pricey, a lot of people still come by this store to take a look. Especially when they have something new to offer, which is where the title comes in.


Uniqlo Undercover is a collaboration between Uniqlo and Undercover designer Jun Takahashi and this month marks the end of the team-up by launching the final collection, Fall and Winter

















Fall and Winter collection 2012



Although we’ve got only two seasons here in the Philippines, the intense rainy season has made some of us put on an additional layer or two of clothing. That gives me a good excuse to ignore the title and get these cashmere sweaters that I’ve absolutely fallen in love with. Again, nothing extraordinary about the design but it’s a luxury to be enveloped in its soft and cozy fabric. Ah, I wish you could imagine what I’m trying to explain here.

Better if you experience it yourself.

When in manila, and looking for quality basics, or simply anything to complete an outfit, come to Uniqlo, as I’m sure you’d find something to satisfy your needs.



Uniqlo Philippines


2F Main Mall, SM Mall of Asia
Pacific Drive
Pasay City 1300, Philippines


Store Hours: Mondays- Sundays 10am-10pm


Tel: (02) 403 2964


Visit www.uniqlo.com/ph or Like www.facebook.com/uniqlo.ph





Uniqlo Undercover: Fall and Winter Collection 2012


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