Unboxing the Star Mobile Engage 7″ Tablet!





 Unboxing the Star Mobile Engage 7″ Tablet!




 When in Manila and thinking of buying yourself a tablet to further satisfy your addiction to your social accounts but confused on which one to choose – don’t worry! You’re not alone! For many months now, I have been trying to find the perfect tablet to suite my needs as well as my budget! I’m very practical when in comes to investing in gadgets.  As long as the features meet my needs, the brand for me doesn’t really matter.  As a blogger, it is a MUST for me to always be online and updated. Also, part of my job as Managing Editor for WhenInManila.com is to constantly work on many emails on a daily basis so it’s really important for me to stay connected anywhere I go. I know that many of you are also like me, so Frank and I decided to show you the actual unboxing of  my 1st ever tablet, Star Mobile‘s much awaited tablet the  Star Mobile Engage 7″!




I’m really excited about this product! Here are its features….


The Star Mobile Engage 7″ Tablet  operates on Android 4.0 ICS!





 I love the fact that the Star Mobile Engage 7″ Tablet has a USB port so I can easily transfer media files from my pc to my tab!




 the kit included an installer cd, a user manual, a charger and earphones




 finally out of its cover! tadah!!!




Why 7 inches? Actually, at first, I wanted a 10″ tab but I realized it’s way too heavy and inconvenient to carry. Having a 10″ tab would mean I always have to carry with me a huge bag! huhuhuhu  I believe with  my kind of lifestyle, a 7″ would be perfect for me! =)




 various multimedia ports which you can connect to other devices

 the Star Mobile Engage 7″ Tablet’s design looked quite sophisticated. As you can see, the finish of its back looks sleek! We can’t wait to open it! 




as point of comparison, I borrowed Frank’s tab.  As you can see in the photo above, both tabs almost have the same thickness but  the Star Mobile Engage 7″ Tablet is lighter than the other





 and now the long  wait is over — finally time to turn it on!





 Star Mobile Engage 7″ Tablet





 since it was our 1st time to open it, we were asked to setup my Google account





 after Frank helped me set it up, I immediately tried the games! weeeeehheeeee!





 trying out the camera.. SMILE!!!





All functions are working ok so far, I do hope that in the coming months,  I won’t have any problems whatsoever. All Star Mobile products go with a 12-month warranty so I don’t need to worry.  I just noticed that the resolution wasn’t that high as compared with the one which we compared it with, but if you’re the kind of person like me who only aims to have a very useful device to constantly be updated with various social media accounts, then I may say the Star Mobile Engage 7″ Tablet can be an ideal and practical tab for you!



 Star Mobile

email: info@starmobile.com.ph

Facebook: Happy Man by Starmobile






Unboxing the Star Mobile Engage 7″ Tablet!


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