Umami Hambaagu House: Japanese Hamburgers in the Philippines!

When In Manila and craving for some good ol’ burger steaks, why not try something new for a change? In for a burger steak adventure? Check out the newest burger steak in town, cooked the Japanese way at Umami Hambaagu House!


Umami Hambaagu House opened its doors to the public last November 2012! Everyone was excited to find out where this secret restaurant was hidden… I was one of them! I LOVE Japanese food! I love how fresh it is, I love the sauces, I just LOVE it! So when I found out a new Japanese-Western restaurant opened somewhere in the Metro, I knew I had to do some digging!


As part of their marketing, the location was not yet posted on the net which really made people all the more curious! Luckily, one of my friends accidentally passed by it just a few days after it opened and we were solved!


Umaami Hambaagu House 01


It was sometime December when we visited the Umami Hambaagu House. Everything was just perfect. Lights outside the restaurant, the cool Christmas breeze and of course delicious food! Upon entering Umami Hambaagu House, the first thing I noticed was how animated the place looked. The colors were vibrant, the wall paintings were awesome and the place was filled with a variety of figures and rare collectibles! At some point, I felt like I was in a Japanese cartoon! The interior was really attractive and very family friendly.


Umaami Hambaagu House 02

Front desk and cashier




Cool display of tumblers by the entrance



Umaami Hambaagu House 03

Random collectibles



Umaami Hambaagu House 04

Japanese figurines and DVDs as you enter the dining area


After staring and being in awe with how cool the place looks, my friends and I finally settled down and ordered our dinner.