uHoo Partners with City of Fontana: Advancing Healthy Indoors, Sustainably

Prominent Philippine tech startup, uHoo, renowned for its advanced indoor environmental monitoring solution, has achieved a remarkable feat by securing a multi-year contract with California’s City of Fontana. This partnership entails deploying uHoo’s cutting-edge solution across diverse government facilities, including offices, community centers, and more, for real-time indoor environment management. The aim is to bolster health, optimize energy usage, and enhance the city’s ESG performance.

uHoo Wins Fontana

uHoo’s data-driven approach empowers proactive decisions based on concrete insights. It seamlessly integrates with existing systems, automating climate control and air purification where needed. The partnership sets a precedent for future cities to address environmental concerns, fostering healthier and more sustainable urban spaces.

The partnership between uHoo and the City of Fontana radiates as a beacon for other municipalities, exemplifying a forward-looking stance toward environmental concerns. The collaborative endeavor champions a future where urban landscapes are meticulously crafted to address and ameliorate environmental impact, fostering healthier and more sustainable habitats for inhabitants.

uHoo Aura and desktop

Dustin Jefferson S. Onghanseng, CEO of uHoo, affirms, “We are honored and excited to partner with the City of Fontana. This partnership is a testament to the exceptional quality and reliability of our products and the value we provide. This partnership also reaffirms our commitment to improving health and well-being and decarbonizing the built environment.”

In the Philippines, where climate challenges are pressing, uHoo’s role is pivotal. Its real-time indoor environmental quality data equips establishments to enhance air quality, particularly pertinent in a post-pandemic world. uHoo’s certifications, like the one from Singapore Green Building Council, reinforce its commitment to environmental standards.

uHoo’s journey aligns with global green building trends, amplifying the emphasis on occupant well-being. Their focus on cleaner air beckons a collaborative movement towards healthier, greener indoor spaces, preserving our world for future generations.