“Twenty Five Twenty One” Marks Kim Tae-ri’s Return to K-Drama

It has been more than three years since we last saw Kim Tae-ri in a Korean drama, her last one being Mr. Sunshine. So when we got a chance to interview her recently, we couldn’t help but ask why she chose Twenty Five Twenty One as her “comeback K-drama”.

Tae-ri shares that the main reason why she chose this show was that it was so fun. “I was clearly able to see that it would be an entertaining show,” she shares. “It has a beautiful and kind story that will make you happy so I read the script and I chose it right away.

She adds that her character, Na Hui-do, is a high school fencer with a lot of energy – and this is a character that she has never met before. “I was attracted to that aspect of hers,” Tae-ri explains. According to Tae-ri, her character’s best traits are that she’s very bold because she is very confident in herself. “She knows what she likes and she knows her potential,” she points out. As for Tae-ri in real life, she opens up that she is very honest about her feelings, which is quite similar to her character Hui-do.

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Photo from Netflix

Despite being a fencer in Twenty Five Twenty One, though, Tae-ri admits that she had to train for half a year before shooting the drama. She even took some lessons from the gold medalist. She shares that that’s when she realized how fun and how aggravating the sport actually is. “It’s a really tough sport but I really put my heart into everything I do, so I had a fun and entertaining time,” she says.

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Photo from Netflix

So, why should you watch Twenty Five Twenty One? According to Tae-ri, it’s a blissful drama that really shines. “You’ll really appreciate all of the little moments that go by so quickly. Watch out for those moments,” she says. There are also several lessons to be learned here. Tae-ri recommends taking on challenges whenever they come. “Doing something is 100 times better than not doing anything so you should really take on the challenge, experience the whole ride, and that will make you grow,” she reminds us.

Twenty Five Twenty One is now streaming on Netflix.

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