Troye Sivan to Filipino Fans: I Can’t Wait to Come and Play a Show

Words by Mara Karniella Sugue

After almost three years of waiting, Troye Sivan released his second album called Bloom. RollingStone describes the album as “full of gentle synths, tender singing, and nuanced coming-of-age sentiments.” When in Manila got a chance to have a one-on-one interview with the Australian singer and here’s what he had to say about his album and what’s next to come.

He opened the interview by talking about his single, Bloom, and how the song came about. Troye said that at first, he thought that the single would never make it out since it was “cheeky and super pop” but when he caught himself listening to the song again, he figured that it was a song that he should keep.

Aside from his single, Troye also names his album Bloom, saying that the album title feels like it summed up where he was in his life. “It felt like a celebration, a coming of age moment. It just felt right, and so I ended up naming the album that.”

Last June, Troye released Dance to This, a song collaboration with Ariana Grande. Following this, he also added that there’s also another song on his album–a collaboration called Postcard. The song features Australian singer Gordi. Troye mentioned how he was a fan of hers for a long time and that the collaboration came about while they were writing the song together.

He also brought up that his dream collaboration would be with singer Taylor Swift, saying that writing with her would be really fun.

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Troye also recently visited Manila to shoot an ad campaign and, when asked about his trip, he said that he didn’t remember much about the trip since he flew in just to work the entire day. He did say, however, that “the only other thing I remember is everyone being really nice. I have to come back to do some exploring.”

Lastly, Troye said he can’t wait to come and hug everyone and play a show (finally!) for his Filipino fans.

Watch the entire exclusive When in Manila interview with Troye here: