Trick your friends with this new super realistic PS5 filter

Is your #PS5Secured? If not, you can always make it seem like it is!

A popular new Instagram feature has been tricking people left and right with how realistic it is. It makes it look as if there’s a PS5 on whatever surface you point your camera at, allowing you to make witty captions and puns to try and dupe your friends and other loved ones into thinking you already own the coveted new console.

The PlayStation 5 is launching this month with the possible price tag of about PHP 29,900. It’s a console coming from a line so beloved that people are just itching to get it. Why not try to manifest that desire by using this filter? It’s easy, free, and it’s a nice way to get a good laugh and a surprised reaction from your friends.

Get it by going to Instagram user ARonEverything and get the filter from them. Pretty soon you’ll have your own PS5 sitting at your game station, ready to play. Well, a girl can dream, right?

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