Treat Your Palate With Chili’s Art of the Burger!

Written by Remalyn Estuesta

To all the burger lovers out there, there are new burgers in town – Chili’s Art of the Burger!

Art of the Burger were from a collaboration of Chili’s chefs that aimed to innovate burgers, wherein each of the burgers were carefully prepared to maximize a distinct burger experience.

Try the Magnificent Beef & Shrimp Burger and experience harmony of flavors on your first bite as you taste the perfect combination of the hamburger and shrimp patty with Queso Fundido.


If you’re fond of eggs and bacon on your burger, savour on their Sunrise Burger.


With Chili’s it is definitely more fun in sharing, that’s why their Art of the Burgers also offers burger bites. You can choose from their Bacon Perfection Bites and Shrimp Masterpieces.


Their Bacon Perfection Bites won’t be called perfect if it won’t have bacon bits on the patty and if it won’t be topped with more bacon and cheese on it. Sounds delish? The Shrimp Masterpieces on the other hand, are more of a lighter burger option with the succulent house-made shrimp patty smothered in queso fundido.


Art of the Burger can also be paired with their Crispy Corn Masa Fries selection with either the smooth and creamy Molten Shake or the Coffee Toffee Shake.





And what’s your burger meal without dessert? Their Salted Caramel Molten will surely hit the spot with its blend of sweet and salty.


Chili’s Art of the Burger will surely satisfy your burger needs. With its variety of tasty burger offerings, you’ll keep coming back for more.