Travel in Style: Shangri-La Plaza Fashion Show 2013

shang-fashion-show-2013 (44)

The Shang’s Travel in Style Kids and Youth Fashion Show kicks off season of chic summer looks


April 20, 2013 – Shangri-La Plaza recently debuted the season’s most coveted fashion styles in the Kids, Youth, and Travel Fashion Show, which was held at the East Atrium of the mall’s new East Wing. This year’s fashion show unveils must-have fashionable pieces as you Travel in Style with looks as hot as the summer heat!


shang-fashion-show-2013 (1)

Travel in Style Fashion Show at the East Atrium, Shangri-La Plaza


The parade started with stylish summer looks perfect for different types of destinations – classic preppy look, smart casual pieces in cool hues and simple striped lines: Zara, GUESS Kids, MEXX, Converse, Petit Bateau, Esprit, ELLE Girl and The Travel Club.


shang-fashion-show-2013 (2) ZARA  a


shang-fashion-show-2013 (4) ZARA



shang-fashion-show-2013 (8) CONVERSE b Converse


shang-fashion-show-2013 (10) PETIT BATEAU b

Petit Bateau


shang-fashion-show-2013 (12) ESPRIT  ELLE GIRL

Esprit   |   ELLE Girl


Travel in Style into the wilderness with earthy colors, animal prints, and stylish layerings in the Safari Collection: Debenhams, PJ’s Sleepwear, Bench, Human, Plains & Prints, Oxygen and Crumpler.


shang-fashion-show-2013 (15)   DEBENHAMS



shang-fashion-show-2013 (18)

 PJ’s Sleepwear


shang-fashion-show-2013 (20) BENCH HUMAN

 Bench   |   Human


shang-fashion-show-2013 (24)



Up next, let’s have a yacht gathering and travel in style with crisp pastels to the city of Tangier, Morocco: Osh Kosh B’Gosh, NafNaf, Folded & Hung, GAP and Bric’s.


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