Travel in Style: Shangri-La Plaza Fashion Show 2013

 shang-fashion-show-2013 (25) OSHKOSH

 OshKosh B’Gosh


shang-fashion-show-2013 (27) NAFNAF

 Naf Naf


shang-fashion-show-2013 (28) FOLDED and HUNG

 Folded & Hung


shang-fashion-show-2013 (29)



shang-fashion-show-2013 (30)



Enjoy the summer season with bright colors as we go to the beautiful island of Boracay, Philippines: The RAMP Crossings, Mothercare, Una Rosa, Yishion, Kidsports, Quiksilver/DC/Roxy, Justice and Braun Buffel.


shang-fashion-show-2013 (31) THE RAMP CROSSINGS a

The RAMP Crossings


shang-fashion-show-2013 (35) MOTHERCARE and UNA ROSA

Mothercare   |   Una Rosa


shang-fashion-show-2013 (37) QUICKSILVER  ROXY



shang-fashion-show-2013 (40) JUSTICE b



Finally, travel in chic style to Paris, France in a fashionable combination of faded hues and attractive floral prints: Gingersnaps / Just G., PERIWINKLE, For Me, Bayo, ELLE and Rustan’s Department Store.


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