TRAILER: Teen Wakes Up Again and Again on Her Day of Murder in ‘Happy Death Day’

This is probably everyone’s worst nightmare.

Tree Gelbman, a college student, wakes up one day to what seems like another ordinary day.

But it’s not. Not only is it her birthday, it’s her death day as well. She gets up from the bed in her friend’s dorm room, walks out, goes home, sees her friends, until she is greeted by a stranger with a creepy mask on, knife in hand to stab her. She wakes up, and suddenly she’s back in her friend’s dorm room, about to start the very same day, all over again.

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Starring Jessica Rothe, an directed by Christopher B. Landon, Happy Death Day is a slasher film that plays on the themes of death, mystery, and finding out who your real friends are.

Watch the trailer below:

Happy Death Day hits the theaters on Friday the 13th on October 2017.