TRAILER: Christian and Anastasia Go on Honeymoon in ‘Fifty Shades Freed’

“You own this?” Anastasia Steelewell, Anastasia Grey—asks her new husband as their limo halts in front of a private plane. “We own this,” Christian corrects her. As if there was any more questioning that.

The two hop on their private plane as they set off for their romantic honeymoon somewhere sunny in Paris. “I just can’t believe that I have this life with you,” Anastasia is heard quipping in the trailer. But it can’t all be sunshine.

Fifty Shades Freed is the third and last installment to the Fifty Shades trilogy, all based on the novels by E.L. James with the same title. The movie’s synopsis tells the dark side of the story: “Following the events of Fifty Shades Darker, Christian and Ana are now married. However, Ana’s life is threatened when her former boss, Jack Hyde, swears revenge for being fired from SIP. Elena also returns to haunt Christian and makes the couple’s lives a lot more troublesome.”

Watch the teaser below:

Fifty Shades Freed comes out in February 2018.

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