Toycon Philippines 2013

Who says toys are just for kids? Most toy collectors are in fact grown -ups. There’s a psychological meaning behind it. Some people collect because they were too attached in their childhood. Another reason is that they are too fascinated by it that they can’t help but buy them . There are also some who were actually deprived of  toys when they were kids. And now that they were grown-ups and can afford to buy, they satisfy themselves of all the fancy toys and collect up to the point where they get a room solely for all those stuff.  Most of them spend almost half a million! Unbelievable right? I think it’s not just these reasons. I know a friend where she doesn’t collect but the Barbie toys she got have just accumulated  overtime.


When in Manila and you wanted to splurge on toys and get the rare ones, you may check out Toycon Philippines. Last week were swarming with toy collectors,, cos players, photographers and fan boys.  To be honest, I’m a bit bored but when I saw the Coca Cola memorabilia, I was ecstatic! I saw some very rare bottles of Coke way back from the 70’s or 80’s I think. Then there’s Lego toys, Barbie and some cute toys for the kids like Lala Oopsie and Baby Alive and you name it.

You’d also see a lot of comic books, Magic Cards, online games and they even sell clothing  and accessories like keychains and watches, Entrance  fee is only 120 per day. Cheap right?


I want you to start fantasizing right this moment. So let me show you some cool toys we saw there. Start calculating your paycheck and save some money for these cool, one of a kind toys!



I’m sure you’ve watched Man of Steel. Here’s Mr. Nice Guy Superman and his best friend Batman



Wooaah! I think these ones are fresh from Japan.



It’s Red Mask



Voltes V and Daimos



Fast and Furious Custom Display





Hulk Busts



Iron Man 





Iron Man custom painted



Captain America and the Avengers


Gruesome but very artistic







These toys are considered trophys for some.



Are you getting dizzy? There’s till more!



Dragon Nest booth






MG Sinanju Gundam




HG Age1 Titan Gundam Custom Painted


Are you amazed?

About Toycon Philippines:

Collectibles Unlimited Association is a non-profit association based in Metro Manila, whose main objectives are to promote interest in the collection and display of all types of comics,toys, movies, animation, games and related childhood memorabilia; and to maintain a network of collectors to help members keep in touch with each other and advance the collecting hobby.

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Toycon Philippines 2012


Toycon Philippines  2013