Top Five Things to Keep You Busy in Butuan City

c) Roadtrip Cafe
This spot is a bit out of the way so for those just visiting Butuan, you might have to hire a tricycle or a jeep to take you there and wait for you while you eat. But their burgers, pork steak, chili prawns and salad make the trip worth it! This quaint little spot is perfect for that afternoon or dinner chill session with friends.
By the way, when we say “out of the way” or “too far” in Butuan, we really mean it’s more than 10 minutes away. So in truth, this place really isn’t that far from the city center.
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d) Uncle Sam’s

Uncle Sam’s serve staple filipino food like their famous Crispy Tadyang and Bulalo. They also have very unique breakfast combos such as Tacornsilog (Tapa + Corned beed + sinangag + itlog) and the Tolongsilog (Tocino + longanisa + sinangag + itlog)… although these dishes are popular, it is their burgers that we keep coming back for. The presentation is very simple and the serving size seem small but bite into it and you will know why we’ve recommended it here. My husband swears by the Big Sam which is their cheese burger with ham and eggs and I’ve always liked the Uncle Sam’s Special which is cheese burger with coleslaw. Uncle Sam’s is also open late night’s so be sure to drop by after your late night out’s.



Malvar Ave. Doongan

Tel. No: 085 – 3425350