Top 5 Mobile Games to Play with Your Barkada!

In today’s digital world, people often say that mobile phones isolate us from society.

It disconnects us from interacting with other people. It might be true in some instances, but what about all the multiplayer mobile games available now? If you think about it, these games allow us to play and connect with our friends whenever and wherever we want.

Sometimes, we all get too busy to even meet for a regular catchup session in person. But with your smartphone or tablet, you can still have fun together at any given time. All you need is a reliable mobile data service provider and a good couch to sit on – and you’re all set for a guaranteed exciting game time with your best buds!

If you’re looking for somethingamesg to play with your friends, here’s an up-to-date list of our favorite mobile multiplayer games at the moment.

Top 5 Mobile Games to Play with Your Barkada!

Mobile Legends

MobileLegends 9396

If you and your friends feel like being heroes for the day, then Mobile Legends’ action-filled battleground is the perfect choice for you. Enjoy a 5 vs 5 clash where you fight to destroy your enemy’s base while defending yours.

Heroes, battle towers, and minions allow you to bring out the valor in you as you fight enemies and turrets. Most battles only take approximately 15 minutes, which is amazing since you can play it with your friends in the convenience of your phone, on the go!


EverWing 9419

The craze this action adventure game created since its launch has been unbelievable! Every one of my friends seems to have it. Its accessibility via Facebook Messenger makes it easy to challenge your friends and go on exciting quests with fairies, monsters, bosses and powerful dragons.

Instantly tap and invite your friends to join you. Before you know it, you’ll already have that Facebook group named EverWings Honor List.

Clash of Clans

ClashOfClans 9389

What people love about this game is that it encourages players to think outside of the box, strategize and collaborate with teammates. You get to unlock new troops, win attacks, engage in exciting battles, and even get to share the experience with friends. How fun is that?

Also, if you can’t afford to buy a house, you can build a kingdom in Clash of Clans instead. Why not, right?

Clash Royale

ClashRoyale 9393

This is a more casual version of Clash of Clans. It’s a fast-paced game where you use “cards” that allow you to destroy your opponent’s tower and build your own. You can even have a Friendly Battle with your friends and become a tower-destroying master.

Arena of Valor

ArenaOfValor 9380

As with any MOBA, the #1 trick to win in Arena of Valor is to play it as a team. Together; wading through lanes, killing villains, and unlocking secrets will be much easier. Also known as “League of Legends mobile”, it is action-packed and fast-paced – complete with slick, quality animations.

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Have we missed any other multiplayer mobile games you can enjoy with your best buds? Share and comment below.