Top 5 Kina Grannis Songs From Elements That We Cannot Wait To Hear Live

Anyone who is excited for Kina Grannis, holler at me now! Because guess what? It’s only a few more days till her sweet, sweet music echoes through the halls of Araneta for the Manila leg of her Elements Tour.

From Kina Grannis Instagram post

Posted by Kina Grannis on her Instagram account last week, announcing the fast approaching date of her concert in Manila.

From hearing her sing covers on YouTube to watching the quirky music videos that she made back in 2011, I feel like she and her music matured alongside our generation of YouTube watchers. And now, finally, we get to hear her perform her Elements album live!

I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely excited to hear these songs live:


Top 5 Kina Grannis Songs From Elements That We Cannot Wait To Hear Live


5. Maryanne

Just like Kina believed that Maryanne understood that he was the one for her, as said in the song Maryanne, I always reassure myself that it’s okay to be selfish with my boyfriend because he is the one for me.


4. Winter

I can’t wait to make plentiful hugot lines about not knowing when it’s over while listening to Winter.

3. Little Worrier

Kina really speaks to my worrisome soul about not worrying too much through Little Worrier.

2. My Dear

When she sings My Dear, I will definitely think back on her super cute, intimate and lovely wedding video. (For those who do not know, she used her wedding video as the official music video of that song. How awesome is that, right?)


1. Dear River

Last, but definitely not the least, I will sing my heart out when she Ooos so perfectly and claps so rhythmically as she performs Dear River.


Kina Grannis’ music definitely is the kind that will make you feel something deep inside your heart. And I just cannot wait any longer.

She might perform some of her old songs, like In Your Arms, and Valentine, too, and I’m hoping she does some of our favorite covers of hers, as well. There’s no other way of knowing what her creative juices might bring, but by going! So, go and get your tickets now before it’s too late!

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It’s going to be one heck of a chill night with Kina Grannis at Araneta on the 27th of September, indeed.

Kina Grannis Elements Tour Live In Manila

For tickets go to: ticketnet.com

Official website: https://kinagrannis.com