Top 5 Holiday Gadget Gift Guide

When In Manila, we’re going nuts about buying gifts specially for our most loved ones. What’s the best gift for someone who is techy? Of course, gadgets! But wait, any gadget for any techie? No!!! Stop right there!!! Let’s get the lowdown on how to buy the perfect gadget for your boyfriend, dad, brother, sister, girlfriend, or whoever it may be:


1. Useful gadget: Make sure the gadget you are planning to buy is useful to the person your giving to. No sense in buying a gadget that won’t be used. A perfect example for this is gifting a portable speaker to someone who doesn’t even listen to music much.

2. Will it be used well or shelved after a while?: Ok, let’s say you were able to get a new GoPro Hero 4 for your loved one who loves a certain sport and you think he or she can use it to capture the sporting moments. How about how long he or she will use it? The person might be sporty, but what if the person isn’t much into taking videos and photos? They’ll probably use the GoPro Hero 4 for a few times then shelf it. Know how much it can be used by the person. It may match the person’s likeness for gadgets and character, but is it a necessity for the person?

3. Price! Of course!: Buy something that isn’t hurtful for your budget and yourself. Do you think the person deserves this expensive gadget from you? If yes, then by all means, go ahead! If you are doubting and if your budget isn’t really up for it, find a cheaper alternative. There are tons of gadgets here and there that would still work for a gadget geek, and even cheaper alternative brands. You can also try looking for shops with better prices.

4. Don’t forget the warranty!: Do you want to be gifted a product that will just suddenly bust out on you? NO! So if you’re looking into giving a gadget gift, of course check the warranty! Shop warranties are great as you can easily drop by the shop to claim them. Brand warranties are only great if there is a local headquarters of the brand, otherwise, you’ll have to ship it internationally to claim the official brand warranty and would take weeks or even months to get a replacement. Gadgets are electronic parts, there is always a chance for breakage and warranties should never be neglected. You wouldn’t want your amazing gift turn into a brick!

5. Buy from trusted stores: there are many shops offering cheap prices, but many of them can be very bad when it comes to after-service and warranties. For mobile phones, there are many China knock-offs too. Some stores offer cheap prices but warranties are only claimed internationally, while some other stores offer regular SRP prices but comes with great bundles and after-service! I personally would recommend Kimstore as an example of a shop that gives great prices and bundles!

As a gadget geek myself I have my specific favorites. Favorite type of gadgets, favorite brands, even a favorite shop. This holiday, I hate seeing people getting ripped-off of their hard owned money. It’s such a bad feeling knowing people are being cheated when it’s the time of the year to gift yourself or your loved one. Personally I have bought almost all of my gadgets from Kimstore, the only time I buy from a different store is if they don’t have the gadget I am looking for. But everything else is from there. They have the best prices, greatest bundles, and brands and gadgets that you won’t find anywhere else. After service is also lightning fast! I got a unit with a slight factory defect and they replaced it right away without waiting. My last purchase was a GoPro Hero 4 Black just a month ago and their bundle for the GoPro products are really great and big money savers. So, personally, I suggest you only buy from the trusted and the best, for me, it will always be Kimstore at the top of the game. They offer pick-up from their satellite stores, delivery, and shipping. All of these options they offer, you would be satisfied and enjoying your new toy for sure! So, to sum it all up, personally as a gadget geek, I highly recommend Kimstore for all your gadget needs! Enjoy the holidays and pick-up a fantastic gadget today 🙂

Aaaand since Christmas is coming, I asked Kimstore, my trusted gadget shop if they could help me run a raffle for you guys and tadaaaa! I’m giving away a Powerhouse Voyager!!! A 4-port USB wall charger perfect for charging multiple gadgets at the same time! Join below! Failure to do even 1 mechanic disqualifies you, so make sure you do everything. Goodluck! Winner will be announced Wednesday lunch time.

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Top 5 Holiday Gadget Gift Guide


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