Top 5 Foreign Bloggers Who Sincerely Love the Philippines and Filipinos!

Well, we all know that Filipino travel bloggers certainly love our own country, but when a foreigner loves our country, we feel even more proud of being from the Philippines. I’ve been reading a lot of articles lately about the Philippines. I’ve seen travel writers who’ve been here, planning to go here, or who dream of going here, and I love how so many writers are showing the world what an amazing place our home is.

But here’s my list of 5 world-class bloggers who sincerely love the Philippines!


5. Phil of EsCapology 

Top 5 Foreign Bloggers Who Sincerely Love the Philippines and Filipinos Phil Escapology

Phil from Germany is another traveler who gave up the safety and stability of his career to pursue a life of adventure and travel. His three-month adventure took him to all corners of the Philippines, including a 15-day Hayahay celebration in Gubat! His writing and photography really captured the essence of what made the Philippines such a special place for him!

He went back again last month to go on a few weeks motorbike trip in Cebu and to meet his fans in Manila!


4. Sabrina of Just One Way Ticket

Top 5 Foreign Bloggers Who Sincerely Love the Philippines and Filipinos Sabrina Just One Way Ticket

Sabrina, a world class travel blogger from Berlin, has been traveling the world since 2008 and has spent a total of 8 months on fours different trips to the Philippines. “In my experience, from all the Asians I have met, Filipinos are the most kind and friendly people…always seem happy and smiling, and they love to sing and to dance whenever there is an occasion to celebrate!”

Sabrina is returning to the Philippines this August to stay for 6 months or longer!


3. Jonathan Howe of Two Monkeys Travel

Top 5 Foreign Bloggers Who Sincerely Love the Philippines and Filipinos jonathan howe Two Monkeys Travel

Jonathan is the British blogger who became known in the blogging world after he wrote the viral article “What I’ve learned Dating a Filipina.” He’s already had quite a thorough introduction to Filipino culture and hospitality because of this, and he cooks great Tinola, Sinigang, and Nilagang Baka! He’s also one of the founders of the Project #BackpackerTeacher in the Philippines, aiming to help fellow Filipinos by volunteering teaching and at the same time inspiring them to go backpacking.

He has his own youtube channel if you want to follow his Tagalog and Bisaya progress (and gay lingo as well).


2. Nathan Allen of I Dreamed of This

Top 5 Foreign Bloggers Who Sincerely Love the Philippines and Filipinos nathan allen I dreamed of this

Nathan Allen, an American blogger who describes himself as “a hyper-observant culture-junkie who recently spent a year taking photos and documenting the Philippines.” A long-term traveler, he lives by the motto “spend less, see more.” During his year in paradise, he spent time living and traveling in many parts of the country, even learning to speak Tagalog as well as bits and pieces of other languages, too.

He’s currently in the Philippines and just recently toured around the Bicol region!


1. Kulas of Becoming Filipino

Top 5 Foreign Bloggers Who Sincerely Love the Philippines and Filipinos Kyle Jennermann Becoming Filipino

His name is Kyle Jennermann from Canada, but he now has his Filipino name: “Kulas.” He is the only foreign blogger I know who really wanted to become Filipino. Awesome!! If you’d ask him why, here’s his answer: “I have never experienced before what I got to experience in the Philippines. I have never met such kind, giving, friendly, hard-working, outgoing, proud, and happy people. I have never experienced a culture like the Philippines; a culture that every single day inspires me, and that I look up to. It is a place where the natural environment is unbelievably beautiful.  The waterfalls, beaches, mountains, rivers…I could go on and on about it. But what really inspires me about the Philippines is the PEOPLE.  If you are Filipino and you are reading this, THANK YOU.  Thank you for being Filipino. Thank you for being part of a culture where family isn’t the only family, but friends, and even strangers are family. Where smiling is genuine, giving is natural, and sharing is a part of everyday life.  A culture that goes through a lot of really tough times and suffering, but still shares a great big SMILE. “


I know there are a lot more foreign bloggers who blog about the Philippines, but these 5 bloggers really showed how they genuinely love Filipinos and the Philippines!