When in Manila, Top 10 Sony Products that Change Our Lives

When in Manila, Sony is the brand that continuously changes our lives and lifestyle. Everyday, as we deal with our lives, we see and encounter the brand – from billboards in EDSA, music room of our grandparents, store displays of our favorite malls, and even the gadgets of the commuter sitting next to us in the bus – we see Sony.


I grew up knowing Sony and trusting only the brand. Thank you to my dad who worships the brand as if he were a stakeholder.





Below is the list of the Sony gadgets and electronics that shaped the world and became part of our lives. The list might bring a mood of nostalgia, but please don’t hate the author if it reminds you of your real age.


1. The Sony Walkman


Before “playlist” was first recognized by music lovers, we have Sony Walkman and tapes that accompanied us during field trips and long drives.





Sony Walkman is what we used for listening to our favorite mixed tapes and favorite radio stations. We even used the handy Sony Walkman to record voice presentations. Sony Walkman is the first brand that allowed us to enjoy portable music and gave us the license to wear earphones/headphones while walking.


2. Sony Betamax


It is just there – that black box sitting under the TV set. It is called Sony Betamax. Sony Betamax allowed us to watch and enjoy movies that we failed to watch in the big screen. I remember watching ET on Sony Betamax – the first movie I watched in this format.



Oh, and don’t forget the toy-like car rewinder. Remember, the Sony Betamax has no rewind feature at the time.


3. Sony Televisions


In every household and living areas, a Sony TV set is present. I remember seeing the Trinitron sticker which basically means that the tv set would give brighter images than other common televisions.





Sony Televisions also embraced the flat screen TV innovation with side speakers and silver cabinet known as Sony WEGA. Then Sony Televisions became wider, and larger with high-definition LCD televisions including home theatre range under Sony Bravia.


Despite launches of LCD and LED monitors, our Sony Trinitron TV sets had stayed loyal over the years.  


4. Sony Discman


Another great “man” was introduced by Sony which really change the way we enjoy music. Sony Discman is what we used to listen to our favorite albums in those shiny disc format. It is the time when words “Napster”, “burn” and mp3’s were popular.





If you want to share the music, you can simply plug and connect those computer speakers! Awesome!


5. Sony Playstation


After we finished Super Mario, Contra and Galaga, a new gaming console from Sony was released – this time, we had to use discs to play games. The Sony Playstation gave us a game in a different perspective, more lively graphics while toying with the confusing buttons of controllers.


You see, even our When In Manila co-writer, Angeline loves the Sony Playstation.




The Sony Playstation is actually a product of a failed agreement with Nintendo. Sony continously improved the technology and released Playstation 2 which became the best selling gaming console of all time.


6. Sony PSPs


I grew up playing Game and Watch, Brick Game, Pacman and GameBoy, but for the younger generation, you probably carried the Sony PSP in your back pack. Sony does know what the consumers want and need. After the successful release of Sony Playstation, Sony released Sony PSP inspired by the beauty of portable and convenient gaming.






7. Sony Handycam


Your mom and dad’s wedding video was probably recorded using the Sony Handycam! The first camera recorder to capture in the mini-DV format and first gadget with port for transferring digital video to a Personal Computer. Amazing how Sony makes our life more convenient.





8. Sony Vaio


The release of the sleek, trendy and colorful laptops/netbooks known as Sony Vaio created an excitement not just from the techie crowd but also from the stylistas. Sony Vaio continuously excites the market now with the introduction of Sony Vaio Duo – a computer and tablet in one. We can totally forget about CPU’s, mouse and floppy disks.





9. Sony Mobile Phones


I became unfaithful to my first mobile phone brand when Sony Ericsson was released in the Philippines. During those times when Instagram was not even in the creative juices of its makers, I was already enjoying pictures taken by Sony Ericsson. My mobile phone was like an entertainment gadget – combining all the good innovative features of Sony products, with a capability of calling someone and sending a message.  




With the new smart phones being released from different companies, Sony Ericsson stayed stronger and greener – being one of the top scorers for Greenpeace’s Guide to Greener Electronics. Sony Ericsson gained maximum points for energy efficiency of its phones and doing well for its avoidance of hazardous substances in its products.


Now that’s awesome! A little fact that would lessen the guilt factor for buying the precious Sony Xperia!


10. Sony Camera


.. is the camera I used to take the Sony products above and the same camera I use whenever I attend events, go out on a trip or just take a picture of the dessert I had after a good meal. It is a humble point-and-shoot camera that makes me feel like a certified photographer – and amazes all my friends. Thank you to Sony.


I am impressed with how a brand which specializes in different electronic products can come up with innovative cameras and compete with other leading camera manufacturers (probably that is Sony‘s very own secret – the expertise in anything electronics and technology).


The Sony cameras continuously evolves and improves, now with the introduction of Sony Alpha NEX-F3 Camera that every photography enthusiast aims to own even When in Manila writer, Ross. Check out his reasons why he needs one in this article.


When in Manila, Sony is part of our past, present and future.



What is your favorite Sony product?


When in Manila, Top 10 Sony Products that Change Our Lives





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