Top 10 Moments Calling And Texting Were Relevant In Your Life

Top 10 Moments Calling And Texting Were Relevant In Your Life

There’s no doubt: we LOVE our cellphones. From the ancient days of the 5100 (does anyone even remember that??) to today’s fanciest smartphone, we have always been hooked on our phones, fingers glued to our screens. Pinoys love their conversations, and this has always allowed them to continue chattering, even when far apart. This is exactly why we continue to be the unprecedented texting capital of the world!

Even when we’re texting everyday, anytime, anywhere, there are just some moments in your life that you absolutely cannot wait to share with everyone. whether it was a high or a low, you just had to tell someone about it. Here, we give you top 10 moments calling and texting were totally relevant in your life:

Top 10 Moments Calling And Texting Were Relevant In Your Life

EDSA is always traffic. Regardless.

10. The time when you were stuck in hellish traffic.

Which, now that you think about it, is pretty much always. You absolutely HATE the fact that it takes you two hours to get from Makati to Quezon City, and vice versa. Though there’s no use in whining and ranting about something that takes place more often than you’d like to, you secretly relish in the fact that you are not alone in your pain. Three hours of unmoving traffic along EDSA? You can start a support group for traffic victims in your Viber group that basically says the same thing: “Manila traffic. WHY?!”

9. That time when you were given the insane task of putting together your mega-family reunion.

Why you had to be responsible for tracking everyone up to your 5th degree blood relatives residing in who-knows-what part of the country (or world) to come together in a massive reunion that included tacky clan T-shirts, karaoke until the wee hours of the morning, and loads and loads of lechon, you had no idea. Perhaps they thought of you responsible enough to step up to this herculean task. That’s a good thing, right? Whatever the case, just getting decided on one date is hard enough for your family and your dad’s cousins a thousand miles away from home, so you can just imagine the rest of the tasks that need to be done.

In this case, call and text combos became your friend (as well as battery power and a power bank!). It was a lot of hard work — carefully studying the family tree and making sure not to leave anyone out, searching for and booking a venue that could fit everyone, AND still have enough space for fun and games, confirming and re-confirming to the caterer how much food you were going to have to prepare, and just making sure everyone got the same message… but you pulled through, like a champ.

8. For that IMPOSSIBLY DEADLY exam you never thought you’d pass, but you miraculously did.

So you have this really big test coming up, and so you study relentlessly way into the grueling hours of the morning like your life depended on it — and in some cases, it does! But then no matter how many theories, formulas or terms you try to cram in your head, nothing is getting through to you at all. And so you spend the remaining hours before the big day just banging your head on the wall repeatedly. You are so sure you are going to bomb this exam.

Until the results come back… and you don’t. Call it a fluke, call it luck, but one thing was undeniable, you passed! Nothing can disturb you now because you are on cloud nine and you are invincible. A mere “I passed! WOOHOO!” status on Facebook or Instagram is not going to cut it, no… you need to broadcast it to the entire batch through text or Viber, complete with a selfie with said exam, because this was an achievement worth the bragging rights.


7. That time you pulled off that incredible surprise party for your friend, and he wasn’t on it at all.

Because this was your friend that was incredibly hard to surprise, and so you decided to take on the biggest challenge of them all… throw a surprise party. Those endless calls and texts that you had to make to bring together a group of 50 all together in one place? Totally worth it.

6. When you had trouble picking out a new outfit.

So you’re at H&M, and you can’t decide: the blue one, or the red one? The red one matches your skin tone, but the blue one goes so perfectly well with the shoes you just bought on sale last week. Oh, the choices one has to make in life. So you leave it all up to majority rule, hitting up group chats and group texts, as your devoted barkada pour themselves in your dilemma.

5. When you found out your crush was dating someone else…

The agony! The betrayal! The heartbreak! “But… do they even look good together?” your friend asks. And so you faithfully send them a screenshot of their newly-uploaded Instagram photo (the nerve!) through chat for your friends to scrutinize every detail on. But he’s not even holding her waist! There’s a weird thing with her eye! You guys have more similar features, and they say those who look alike end up together!! Even when you know they’re all just fodder to feed your bruised ego now, you appreciate the sympathy and support you can get, even when it’s just an emoji of flowers and hearts.

4. …and when you spotted a new target to crush on.

Life moves on, and so should you! Plenty of fish in the sea, after all, and you’ve just found yourself a new catch! So you spend all night talking to your best friend about how deep and brooding his eyes were, how his dimples showed when he smiled — and he smiled at you, TWICE!–, how divine his toned biceps looked under his sleeves, and how he could talk about anything ranging from Star Wars to global politics. You spend every minute describing your new crush in full, agonizing detail because it was important for your best friend to see him exactly how you do.

3. Conversely, when one of your friends was dating someone new.

Even if it can get annoying to a fault, friends are worse than your own parents when it comes to scrutinizing a new beau. Text sprees go off like it’s doomsday: “NEW BOYFRIEND ALERT!!” which is responded with, “AGAIN?!!” as the endless back-and-forth of text messages, calls and chats ensue to make sure this person was really worth your friend’s time.

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2. For that huge barkada reunion-slash-out-of-town trip.

‘Tis the season for festivals, such as the Panagbenga 2015 coming up soon! With the expected influx of tourists, and the enormous group that said yes to this trip of a lifetime, it’s important to stay connected among a sea of crowds and different itineraries, not to mention, emergencies!

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1. When “the love life” finally came along.

Because after a string of crushes and people who you thought you were in love with, comes the one person that breaks all of those notions, and who makes you feel like you want to talk to this person every single day, every hour, every minute and every second. You never run out of topics to talk about, not even when you’re far apart. Out-of-town business trip? No worries, we’ll be texting each other and calling to see how each of us is doing. Out of the country? There’s always Viber, Line, or We Chat. No matter the distance, no matter the time, you’ll always find a way to stay connected because that’s how important you are to each other.

Sun Prepaid makes all of your moments even more complete with their updated Call And Text Combo 50 (CTC 50) that now offers 70 minutes of free calls to all networks, non-stop chats on Viber, Line, and We Chat, and 250 texts in and out of your network, all for 5 days. Now it’s way easier to stay connected to your friends and loved ones for longer!

What are your other top moments where calling and texting were relevant in your life? Let us know in the comments!


Top 10 Moments Calling And Texting Were Relevant In Your Life

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