Tomahawk Chops and Grill: Delicious and Affordable Chops in Kapitolyo, Pasig

When In Manila, the list of must-try NEW restaurants just got longer with Tomahawk Chops and Grill in Kapitolyo, Pasig.

Tomahawk Chops and Grill first opened its doors to the public last June 2014. It all started when a few friends got together to talk about opening a Mexican restaurant. No fixed plans, just that they wanted it to be something different.  Their conversations led from one thing to another, until eventually, that Mexican restaurant evolved to something more American. That’s when they thought of Tomahawk Chops. Their head chef, Chef Charles Dee is also one of their partners and in charge of making all the dishes from scratch along with his sous chef, Chef Ryan Cainlang.

A few days ago, the When In Manila team decided to visit Tomahawk Chops and Grill and see… rather… TASTE for ourselves what this new hole-in-the-wall had to offer. At first, the restaurant looked kinda small, it seemed as if only 20 people could fit. However, upon entry, you’d actually be surprised that this restaurant had a 2nd floor or back area which could seat around 20 people more. The restaurant’s exterior is very simple that you might have already passed this place a time or two without noticing. On the inside,  the Southern American feel is better captured with its brick walls, wooden panels and earth colors.

Tomahawk-Chops-and-Grill-IvicaSay-14Welcome to Tomahawk Chops and Grill!


Tomahawk-Chops-and-Grill-JoTAn-02Tomahawk Chops and Grill looks small at first, but more seats await customers at the back/2nd floor


Tomahawk-Chops-and-Grill-JoTAn-03Tomahawk Chops and Grill 2nd floor has more space for dining customers

Tomahawk Chops and Grill specialized in..well.. TOMAHAWK CHOPS! But besides that, they also serve a variety of American favorites like Baby Back Ribs, Fried Chicken, Sausages and the like. Their appetizers and sidings are also worth trying!

Tomahawk Chops and Grills: Appetizers

Tomahawk-Chops-and-Grill-JoTAn-01Tomahawk Chops and Grill: Onion Rings (P145), Chili Cheese Fries(P155) and Buffalo Wings (P180)

These 3 appetizers were a crowd favorite and definitely set the standard that night. The buffalo wings to begin with was one of my favorites as the marinate was not too strong or spicy. For me, it was just the right amount of flavoring.  The chili cheese fries on the other hand was filled with toppings that there wasn’t a “dry fry” on our plate. Lastly, the onion rings were perfectly fried that we could still taste the sweetness of the onion without the batter overpowering it.

Tomahawk Chops and Grill: Main Entrees

Sausages and Sauerkraut (P215) – “choice of grilled Kielbasa or Andouille sausage with our own version of sauerkraut served with french bread, and a generous serving of fries”

The Andoille sausage we had that night was packed with spices! It kind of  caught me off guard as I did not expect a simple sausage to taste that good.  At first, I thought the chefs marinated it in something to get its rich flavor and aroma. However, according to owner Ellis Chua, the sausages they use are really packed with flavor that they no longer need to do much. All they added was their own sauerkraut mix and it was good to go!

Tomahawk-Chops-and-Grill-IvicaSay-06Tomahawk Chops and Grill’s thick and juicy Andouille sausage! (that’s what she said)

Country Fried Chicken (P215) – “Breaded chicken mixed with herbs and spices deep fried to golden brown perfection. Served with clean rice, seasonal veggies and an extra side.”

 The Country Fried Chicken was soft and juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Pair it up with Tomahawk Chops and Grill’s own gravy mix and you’ve got a happy tummy.  According to fellow WhenInManila.com writer, Ivica Say, the Country Fried Chicken is something she’d prefer eating with rice.

Tomahawk-chops-and-grill-fried-chickenTomahawk Chops and Grill Country Fried Chicken was finger lickin’ good (heehee)

Grilled Baby Back Ribs (P435) – “Perfectly grilled baby back ribs served with our signature sauce. Served with seasonal veggies and choice of two sides”

I love eating baby back ribs just because I love dark meat and eating the meat off the bone. However, there are several restaurants I’ve tried before that did not meet my expectations. Most of the time, the barbeque sauce is too thick that I’m no longer able to enjoy my meal. At Tomahawk Chops and Grill, the sauce was just right for the size of the meat! I enjoyed eating every bit of it from the bone. Moreover, the mushroom side dish was really one for the books!


Grilled Tomahawk Chops (P295) – “As the name suggests, the house specialty! Inch-thick bone-in porkloin chops with our signature sauce. Served with clean rice, seasonal veggies and an extra side.”

If there’s one thing you should try at Tomahawk Chops and Grill, it would of course be their signature dish, the Grilled/Fried Tomahawk Chops. One of the owners,  Ellis Chua had us try their Grilled Tomahawk Chops and we were not at all disappointed. Despite being an inch thick, the meat was still very soft and tender, definitely worth every peso! The signature sauce complements the chops along with the dirty rice! The dirty rice is packed with flavors from a variety of herbs and spices. Be warned though that the dirty rice might be a little spicy for some, so ask before you order.

Tomahawk-Chops-and-Grill-CherylGolangco-02Tomahawk Chops and Grill signature dish: The Tomahawk Chops

Tomahawk Chops and Grill: Dessert

Our day wouldn’t be complete without some dessert. At the moment, Tomahawk Chops and Grill has partnered with Kool Kids, a dessert shop located right beside their restaurant. Hence, for your dessert “needs”, simply call you waiter and they’ll hand you a menu from Kool Kids. No need to get up and transfer restaurants.

Tomahawk-Chops-and-Grill-IvicaSay-13The ice creams were delicious! Creamy and not too sweet! The perfect ending for our glorious night!

Cheers from the WhenInManila.com team!


We love making our readers happy, so thanks to Ellis Chua of Tomahawk Chops and Grill, we get to share the happiness as we gave away 10 GCs worth P500 to 10 lucky readers! Just follow the contest mechanics. Winners will be posted here and notified via email.

Tomahawk Chops and Grill
56A East Capitol Drive, Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City
0915 – 5135908/ 0921- 5764909
IG: tomahawkchopsandgrill
Twitter: tomahawkcag
Operating hours:
Mon-Fri, 11am-2pm and 6pm-11pm
Sat-Sun, 11:30-3pm and 6pm-11pm
*Extended to 12pm for December